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HTML5 game using restricted access possible?

A topic by Xey created Apr 01, 2018 Views: 160 Replies: 2
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I finally figured out that giving out download keys, allowing linking to patreon, and even setting a password doesn't give them access  to the game.  Always comes up with nothing available to download.

I see it mentioned that I can set it to download.... but I don't really want it downloaded as finding the art is part of the fun. Also my project kinda fails to save progress when not hosted due to how browsers handle local storage T..T So I really just want it played in browser.

What am I missing? or are html5 games just not supported for restricted access?


Sorry for not getting back sooner. Are you sure you aren't using "Draft" mode? That mode is not designed for distributing your game to other people. If you are using Restricted mode then people can access the game by:

  • Owning it with a "download key" (which you can manually generate, or automatically through our Kickstarter or Patreon integration)
  • Setting a password on the page. Note that you'll also need to remove the price from the page if you set one to let people download the game for free with a password.

Thankyou for getting back to me! I know it just looks like I was doing something dumb and perhaps I was but I absolutely had it set to restricted. The game is not intended to be downloaded, just played within the browser. 
After trying it just now it seems password is working as intended. Previously I had many people trying and failing to see anything to play, some message about not having any content available. This doesn't appear to be happening anymore....
My next update will be in 5 days, I will again experiment with the restricted setting then. If there are further complications I will reply with the details of the issue.