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BIOMIND - Sandbox survival game

A topic by LeeXx created Mar 29, 2018 Views: 604 Replies: 14
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BIOMIND is a low poly survival game, with a realistic eco system,  deadly  dangers. strange creatures,  creative crafting and construction system. 

The player's action will affect the eco system of his environment. The player has to be responsible when crafting/using the environment resources. 


An apocalypse hit our planet and the eco system got damaged but fortunately its recovering, and the player will have to survive and yet look after the environment (Such as excessive hunting, pollution,  abusing resources etc..).

The player will be exploring an amazing world (Different bioms). He will face normal creatures and others mutated ( When he reaches the far bioms). He will have to be carefully not to corrupt the remains of the eco system aswell as survivng these dangers.


  • Amazing story that will be implemented in the future. 
  •  Coollandscapes and visuals.
  •  Strange and intersting"Radioactive" creatures.
  • Realistic survival.
  • Crafting system.
  • Inventory/Toolbelt/Equipment system.
  • Hunting fishing and farming.
  • Realistic eco system ( The player's action such as hunting and using the planet's resources will affect the eco system)
  • Special bosses and ennemies.



As you can see in the screenshots, just started with the basics (Inventory/Equipment/Resources).

 I will be updating this post regularly. I'll also add some gifs and videos.

Minor fixes and adding simple addition to the environment.

  • Added more sound effects.
  • Added more items and equipments.
  • Fixed bugs with the inventory/Equipment system.
  • Interactble object's names will be shown when hovering over.
  • A Couple of changes to the inventory UI.
  • Added new icons to the equipments and items.
  • Added a quick slot UI (ToolBelt).
  • Added FPS Hands with animations.





Me(LeeXx) and my brother :) 


  • Added more items/Equipments.
  • Added tools for farming.
  • Fixed bugs with animal animations.
  • New main menu.
  • New water shader.
  • Updated the main map.
  • Added more vegetation and more resources.

PS: Icons are still place holders for now.


  • Added more food and fruits.
  • New icons.
  • Apples can be picked from apple trees.
  • Pear can be collected from pear trees (Same as berries)
  • Expanded the terrain and added different bioms ( Still empty for now as we are still working on the models)
  • Fixed the toolbelt, the player is able to grab an item and two Equipments now even if he doesnt have a backpack on.
  • Added item/equipment description that shows the name and how this item can be collected/looted/harvested.
  • Removed the grass (Temporarly for optimization purposes.)

Some screenshots

First radioactive creature (Will be implemented in the outside/radioactive bioms)

Expanded the terrain (The yellow and red are radio active bioms)

PS: Remember that this project is totally beeing made from scratch. I'm trying to go slowly so everything stay clean for the next heavy updates.

I would love to see some of your opinions, so feel free to post here.


Hey everyone again. I was a bit busy today so there was not much progress. But i thought i should share with you what i made so far.

Basically i started working on the building system, we created the basic bulding models: 

Wall model

Roof Model

Floor Model

Pillar model (There is 3 types of pillars but here is a preview of one of them)

Also I started creating the basic needs for the building system (Scriptwise) aswell as the UI and the icons.

The crafting UI has been improved, a scroll view bar has been added, more items and equipments too. The crafting UI is now split in 3 main categories.

  1.  Item Category which will contain all craftable items. (Tools, Firepit, rope, wood/stone stacks...)

2. Weapon category which will hold all craftable weapons (For now i just added some basic weapons)

3. Building category which will contain the buildings/furniture that the player will craft.

This is it pretty much for today. Stay tuned for more devlogs! I will be posting regularly.

Alll feedbacks are appreciated! Thank you.

Hey everyone and welcome again!

So I wanted to post this quick update on what's going on and how the progress is going.. Basically i just came back to university and i still have one more month and a half of studying. So during this period i'm gonna try my best to focus on my studies and this project in the same time (which wont be easy).

Since i'm going to be busy most of the time i will be only posting devlogs every two weeks.

All your feedback and opinions are appreciated.


Not gonna be an official devlog but this is what i've been doing so far.

  • Scetching different creatures and mutated animals for the radiated bioms.
  • Creating a logo for the game and new UI for the inventory and equipment system.

Sneak peak of the creature sketching and the logo.


Welcome everyone! Im sorry for the late devlog guys.. Like i said im a little busy these days.  So i've been trying to improve the inventory system and the crafting/Blueprint system. I tried creating something simple and cool and this is what i finally decided to implement.

When the player press tab this menu will appear - The player will be able to manage his inventory/craft basic tools and weapons etc.

  • New Crafting UI.
  • New Equipment UI.
  • New dynamic inventory system.
  • New Blueprint system.
  • Some basic blueprints are active and the player is able to craft the items, but other blueprints are deactivated till the player collect them.
  • New HUD.

We've been also working on the environment, sketching and modeling a lot of awesome stuff.

A new character will be implemented soon, still need some work done. And here is a sneak peak of it

More vegetation will be implemented in the environment in the next devlog and here is a couple of these models.

Hanging leaves 

New tall bushes.

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New dynamic crafting system.

There will a quick crafting table on the tab menu where the player can craft basic items such as planks and makeshift tools.

And we will be implementing some advanced crafting tables which the player can use them to create guns and other advanced tools.


  • Fixed the multiple selection in the crafting system
  • Player can remove items from the crafting menu
  • Fixed the blueprint UI and added more elements.
  • Blueprint UI contains 2 different sections Makeshift items/tools and Advanced in each category, only in the building category since the player will have to upgrade the buildings with another way that i'll make another post about it whenever its ready!

Little Update of today's work:

Bug fixes

  • Crafting Slots still holding the object even if the player crafted something
  • Player can select same item infinite times
  • The switch button in the crafting UI doesn't switch between items properly


  • Added more items and models
  • Updated the item names
  • Added more blueprints in the blueprints database

I like the aesthetic!


Glad you like it!! Thank you very much.

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Hello again

Just a quick update, i uploaded a new teaser of the game you can check it out on the game page.

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Devlog #006

Sorry for posting this devlog a little late; but I had alot of stuff going on last week so here it is!

Here is a sneak peek of the progress so far.

  • Fixed the blueprints
  • Player can see the items in his range when he press I
  • Implemented new dynamic equipment system.
  • More items and blueprints
  • Added more animations for different equipments (I will be making a video about them in another time)
  • Updated the map with a new city and more details
  • New vegetations.

I will be uploading a first gameplay video tomorrow hopefully so stay tuned!

Working on a new grass texture

New video!

Short gameplay trailer -