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A Collection of UI Bugs

A topic by Giraffe Cat created Mar 29, 2018 Views: 283 Replies: 1
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Hello! I've been playing around with this for a while now, and I'm having fun trying to make games look good in 3D. I've noticed a number of bugs with the UI, though, and as I have a background in QA I felt compelled to post them here.

  • It is often difficult to change the settings when selecting more than one object at a time; the fields, like SizeZ and Layer, will display '-----' if the selected objects contain different values, but when you try to change one of the fields it will show the value of the object that was added to the group last. If you then select the same value, to change all of the objects to it, it fails (Presumably the code is checking the value of the last object against the value you selected, seeing that they're the same, and doing nothing). This often leads to me doing things like changing the group to a value I don't want, just so that I change it to the one I do want afterwards, which leads me to the next bug:
  • Often after changing the settings of an object, or group of objects, when you hit 'Adjust' to confirm the changes, everything will be de-selected, which can be frustrating when you need to make multiple changes on a group of objects.
  • Speaking of the 'Adjust' button, is it supposed to advance the game forward a frame? It feels weird that things can change when you're trying to adjust a large number of objects.
  • When clicking and dragging to change the angle of the camera, the initial click counts as a selection if there is a valid object under the cursor, so you can often end up de-selecting your current object or group when you were just trying to re-position the camera.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Hope these are helpful!


And yes when you press "Adjust" or "Merge" or "Delete", the game advance obligatorily one or two frame to apply the new modifications. It has side effect i know, but i haven't found out a better solution yet.