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[Suggestion] Recently updated session

A topic by Divinorium created Mar 28, 2018 Views: 147 Replies: 2
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I would like to suggest an area in the main page for games that were "recently updated".
It always bother me to realize how much focus is in your first or so week of release then the store never talk about your stuff again, even if you are improving it. The system somewhat punish devs that try to do bigger games, that take more time over smaller ones.

I do realize that said system could be gamed, by people uploading the same version just to appear in the front page. But maybe add a timer per account to appear in the front page. That way people would have to "choos" what game they want to promote and when.

Thanks for the attention.



Most of the curation we do is manual, so we will often have newly released things along with new things. Also, the "Fresh games" section is bit of a misnomer, older projects make it in there as well!

In general though, games that get updated do their best by re-engaging with people who follow or add to collections. So try to encourage people to follow your project if you're planning on having updates.


Dude seriously, wth is up with your curators/system.

I spend these 22 days watching the releases/fresh/featured and literally anything with "cool" sprites or/and meme worthy gets a shot. doesn't matter how shitty or buggy.

"re engage" with who? literally i hade a single access coming from your site, and that was when i literally tipped the name od the game.
It's impressive but you managed to make a discover system worse than steam. For the better or for the worse in steam you at least appear in the middle of the float. here unless you a curator "likes" the look of your splash you don't even get a shot. Because i highly doubt these people bother to test and/or play the games.