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Fishing Rod Assembly

A topic by Screwy Lightbulb created Mar 26, 2018 Views: 668 Replies: 11
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Being able to craft your own fishing rod is something I'd like to have in the game. I've thought of two ways to implement it, but figured I'd ask here if any one way seems preferable to you :)


Your character will have a player house in the game with various things one can do there. The house could include a crafting station for working on your fishing rod, where you assemble various components (probably four - rod, reel, line, hook) into a fishing rod. The bonus of this method is that the rod will be a single item that you take with you, equipped into one dedicated slot on your paperdoll, and any extra fishing rods you want to take will take up just one small spot each in your inventory. The con is that when you find shiny new upgrade parts, you'll have to return to your player house to swap them out into your rod.


The other method is a mix-and-match job where you have four slots on your paperdoll, one for each component of the fishing rod, and you can swap each individual component out on the fly. The bonus to this method is that if you're fishing in an area and find a new reel that's an upgrade on your current reel, you can swap it out immediately. The downside is that each component is now separate and taking up more space in your inventory, so if you want to save fishing rod 'sets', they'll take up more space.

Thoughts? :D


Definitely the first one. Putting parts together is a delicate process, you wonʼt have the equipment with you all the time (maybe except the fishing line, and obviously the hooks).


After chatting with someone else about it I'm now thinking of separating the hooks from the process to be more like the bait - you can have a bait box, and also a handful of hooks that you take with you that attach to the completed rod. So while you have to craft the rod at the house, you can attach hooks and bait 'in the field'. :)


I like the idea of hooks and bait being separate and carried with you and reels and rods swapped out at home. 
Makes personal inventory neater (more room for fish!) and maybe requires some planning before leaving the house (ie certain rods/reels for certain types of fish/locations)

In more technical terms, will this mean that hooks stack in the inventory? Like you have “12 iron hooks” in one slot and “47 porcelain magnet” hooks” in another? In this case I like it 😊


Yes, items of the same type will stack ^.^

Just came to my mind; what about other fishing equipment, like fish nets? Although that might get a completely new topic, I guess.


I thought about nets, for having the ability to fish up several things at once, but I think that will spoil the slow, casual nature of the game.

I thought about the landing net, the one you put the fish you reel in. Dragnets are not really useful in the “I go fishing alone” scenario.


Ah! I'm already planning on putting a small container in each fishing spot for your overflow items, if you happen to fish up something bigger than the inventory slots you have left available - that could be in the form of a landing net :)

Thatʼs a good idea. However, if I leave some stuff in it, it might be gone when I come back. Fish can escape, items get stolen, and the like.


Not in this game ;p