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Just came to my mind; what about other fishing equipment, like fish nets? Although that might get a completely new topic, I guess.

I thought about nets, for having the ability to fish up several things at once, but I think that will spoil the slow, casual nature of the game.

I thought about the landing net, the one you put the fish you reel in. Dragnets are not really useful in the “I go fishing alone” scenario.

Ah! I'm already planning on putting a small container in each fishing spot for your overflow items, if you happen to fish up something bigger than the inventory slots you have left available - that could be in the form of a landing net :)

Thatʼs a good idea. However, if I leave some stuff in it, it might be gone when I come back. Fish can escape, items get stolen, and the like.

Not in this game ;p