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Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes

A topic by Nerdy Pup Games created May 06, 2022 Views: 382
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Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes is a gonzo retro-dystopian tabletop rpg, now available as a playtest PDF. You play misfit outlaws fighting fascist overlords in a dangerous but beautiful post-apocalyptic world. You create your own world with a single-page questionnaire, tilted towards bright, hopeful, and colorful rather than grimdark like most post-apoc settings. The rules are player-first and take inspo from contemporary systems like FitD and PbtA, but tailored for fast-paced and over-the-top storytelling. Character advancement uses STICKERS! As you complete achievements for different skills, you add badge stickers directly to your character sheet that add new uses and effects for the skill. 

The playtest version is free to download here:

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