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Seul. (Alone) The day before and The entree Released

A topic by Paranormal Games created Mar 25, 2018 Views: 99
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Seul (Alone) The day before

We have released Seul. (Alone) The day before today and a few weeks ago the sequel to it was released Seul. (Alone) The entree.

Philosophical and strange CYOA games with horror and thriller elements.
We just released the free prequel so check it out and consider purchasing the entree to see where the story goes.

A narrative game, helping raise awareness of suicide.

Funny, Sad, Creepy, Disturbing and completely absorbing, with a Shakespearean sense of tragedy.

Wonderfully surreal as an ordinary day in the life of a character who holds secret alleyways of unsettling and unexpected views unfolds to the reader. Painful and touching, it offers the private thoughts of a person contemplating the philosophical question of whether to end their life or not. Aiming to raise awareness of the taboo subject whilst delving into the darkness.

Thanks happy gaming.