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Twin stick support? + potential bugs

A topic by tdixpix created Mar 24, 2018 Views: 202 Replies: 1
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Love the game so far. 

While I can't image that there are too many nuts out there with two HOTAS joysticks, I am wondering how possible it would be to have a controller profile that allowed Player 1 to map mouse and keyboard inputs to both controllers 1 and 2.

The inspiration for the game is quite clear, and as the only option for those seeking a two handed arcade mech experience, the option to play with double sticks might draw some of the old crowd in. 

Bugs -- I thought that the sound effects in the alpha weren't finished, as I would have certain moves (firing, boosting, moving) that weren't accompanied by a sound, but after seeing everything running, it led me to believe that on my system at least, effects might not be functioning properly. 

Great title, and kudos to you for re-imagining this long forgotten genre. With the success of ARMS, here's hoping that arena combat games catch their stride in 2018 :)

Hi! Glad you're enjoying the game!
Sadly we do not have the option for twin stick support (even by hacking mouse/keyboard and controller functionalities as you described) currently, though we are still exploring the possibility as we intend to move toward player input keybinding options in the future.

Thanks, and hope to see you in the arena on March 28, 2018!