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Love the game so far. 

While I can't image that there are too many nuts out there with two HOTAS joysticks, I am wondering how possible it would be to have a controller profile that allowed Player 1 to map mouse and keyboard inputs to both controllers 1 and 2.

The inspiration for the game is quite clear, and as the only option for those seeking a two handed arcade mech experience, the option to play with double sticks might draw some of the old crowd in. 

Bugs -- I thought that the sound effects in the alpha weren't finished, as I would have certain moves (firing, boosting, moving) that weren't accompanied by a sound, but after seeing everything running, it led me to believe that on my system at least, effects might not be functioning properly. 

Great title, and kudos to you for re-imagining this long forgotten genre. With the success of ARMS, here's hoping that arena combat games catch their stride in 2018 :)