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Indigo Gaming

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Hi! We will see if its possible to  add support for 1440x900, and will add that change to our future builds when possible. Also, we are currently developing multiplayer, so stay tuned for updates!

Find out more about this release on our official forums : https://forums.indigo-entertainment.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=102&p=255#p255

For more up-to-date news, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also join our Discord server and chat with the dev team and other players.


We have some ideas like this on the backburner! Thanks for your feedback!

This was a lovely video! Good to see our players having fun with our multiplayer!

We're planning for a release on January 2018, and still deciding the price at the moment! We'll let you know when the time comes!

We are exploring different game modes at the moment, and CTF is in that list. We'll update you when that game mode gets added to the game!

Thanks! This was great!

Hi! thanks for the idea! We actually are developing a wing-shaped energy cannon weapon system.

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Hi, I hope our post in the forum solves this :


Nice analysis! We've adjusted the swarm missiles since then, so please give them a try!

Nice! We also watched your funny dual shields video!

Yes, we're definitely working on stickers and decals! We're aiming to get this feature in our release.

Thanks! We're checking these bugs out and working on these features!


We will be more active in the forums and thus will be able to respond faster. The forums will also be the central hub for all additional information that we release in the future.

Also, don't forget to follow us on these channels:

Thanks for the suggestions and feedback! We value these as we continue to develop the game. We do have some followup statements/questions.

-A lot of weapons tend to have the same weight or damage values as one another...

This was done on purpose, because we wanted to have general ranges of weights for the sake of organization and simplicity. But we understand that certain weapons may be stronger or weaker than these predetermined general weight values, so we will adjust these as time goes on (like you said).

-Considering how this game is played, and I understand energy management...

Do you feel this way about dodging (tap) or just general boosting (hold down)? or both?

-Speaking of pace and how chaotic some battles are the camera can be an issue...

We have alternate camera settings in the gameplay options screen that play around with the camera, changing the angle at close range and the rate at which the camera follows the player around. But, thanks for the suggestion about zooming it out more! We'll try to improve our camera in future builds.

-The Stability Gauge is often hard to notice

Admittedly, Stability being a noticeable in-game stat wasn't part of our initial plans, but we will make sure to improve this feature in future builds.

Thanks for pointing this out! We'll look this over and try to figure out what went wrong, then fix it!

Nice video! We've heard the call for improvements on ranged weapons (particularly ammo), and we're going to have a major update coming up soon that addresses these.

Hey, we have a new build up with more missile options (for the back)! You might wanna check it out!

A write-up of the the major changes can be found here.

Gameplay Changes

  • REAR ARC MISSILES now available.
  • REAR RAPID MISSILES now available.
  • BURST RIFLE armor damage per projectile increased to 100 (was 60). This increases the BURST RIFLE's maximum possible damage per shot to 300 (was 180).
  • BURST RIFLE stability damage per projectile reduced to 5 (was 15).
  • BURST RIFLE total ammo reduced to 18 (was 30). The maximum possible damage when unloading the whole clip remains at 5400.
  • BURST RIFLE cooldown increased to 1.0 (was 0.5).
  • REAR SWARM MISSILES projectile life time reduced to 2.0 (was 3.0).
  • REAR SWARM MISSILES projectile tracking time reduced to 1.5 (was 2.5).
  • SHOULDER SWARM MISSILES projectile tracking time increased to 1.5 (was 1.0).
  • SHOULDER ARC MISSILES damage per projectile increased to 150 (was 100).
  • SHOULDER ARC MISSILES now alternate between left and right firing ports.
  • SHOULDER ARC MISSILES projectiles per shot per firing port increased to 2 (was 1).
  • Shield Bash (MEDIUM SHIELD special) cannot be deflected by shields.
  • Shield Dash (TOWER SHIELD special) cannot be deflected by shields.

New Features

  • Added: Tutorial section accessible in the Title Screen.
  • Added: Mechs flash white when hit by projectiles.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Unintended movement buff when equipping internals.
  • Fixed: Ammo bonuses applied multiple times.
  • Minor bug fixes.