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New System : Ultimate Ability

A topic by drafan created Oct 26, 2017 Views: 114 Replies: 1
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- Add a Ultimate system that can be triggered when a gauge is half full or completely full 

- Player can also choose Ultimate Ability for each of the 4 custom bots 

- There will be 3 types of Ult : Fighting Ult , Shooting Ult , Armored Ult.

-  When the ultimate button is press , player will be in the "burst" stage , this mean that player's boost will be reset even though it was completely used , players also gain increase stat based on the 3 ults. When the player press the ultimate button again , the selected Ult will activated , if the player activated their ultimate before the Burst gauge run out , their burst stat will stay the same but they can't use the ult again

- Fighting Ult grant player increase ATK dmg and Movement Speed 

-Shooting Ult grant player Ultra fast reload ( without having to press "Q" by default) , their ranged weapon also deal more DMG 

- Armored Ult grant player Increased Armor ( Aka Defense ) , their equipped shield is invincible ( unbreakable) ,  it also reduced the DMG players take .

We have some ideas like this on the backburner! Thanks for your feedback!