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Severed Tales - 2D Speedy Action

A topic by Yawning Fox created Mar 24, 2018 Views: 331 Replies: 10
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Welcome! I am Yawning Fox, an indie game developer just trying to find a place in this large, bustling industry. While I've been working on this game for a long time, started 2 years ago, but then stopped and restarted it from scratch.  Currently I am the only developer, but I hope to have one of my music friends help me out in that department.  Now, Severed Tales is a game all about speed and action. Because it's 2D, I've been doing little things to keep it interesting. I can't give all the details, as I don't know if I will add them all in, but I do hope you all look forward to my game. 

Also, because the game is still developing somethings will probably upgrade, change or who knows what. However, feel free to ask me questions. I absolutely love talking about about this game.


Severed Tales is a game about a fox named Merlin. She is joined by her teacher and must explore the land they are given. With the instructions of the teacher what kind of tale will you go on? Not every trip is easy going, something lurks in the shadows. Will you be able to help Merlin overcome this evil in this speedy action  momentum based game play? Along the way you will meet many faces. Different races, creatures and most importantly; friends.



There are more gifs, but with the limit I will have to resort to shorter captures.
  • Pixel art with smooth animations
  • Thanks to Merlin's small size she zips and nyooms around giving for speed based gameplay
  • Multiple endings
  • Collectables
  • Mini-Metroidvania style: Areas don't branch off as much as to keep it to the story
  • Secrets
Twitter: Where I update far more frequently.
Tumblr: - Where I also ramble a lot and sometimes reblog other creator's stuff. 
Later on when I am further along. I don't even have music or sound effects yet.

Great pixel art

Thank you! I hope to improve some stuff here and there a little more as time goes on. Its still pretty early and I am wish washy at times.

A little bit of an update. I didn't really show off much of the speed and combat in the last post. Here is something to showoff the movement options and combat. Also, this is my testing area. This isn't an actual level in the game nor what it will look like.

One of my favorite things about some games are their character interactions. And one of my favorite games that has the best character interactions would be the Tales of series. So i thought, "Why not implement something like that into the game?" And so I did! I wanted events that could have all the characters talking, but I wasn't sure how I wanted to do it until I remembered the Tales of series. While this means I have at least 50+ if not even more than that to write and animate, I don't mind!

Here are some new enemies within the game! They can be found in the forest area. This isn't all of them, but I thought I'd update this place a little more. Now, what these enemies do may be a little obvious, but how will be a secret.

Merlin is so cute! :3


Thank you! Took a lot of thinking on figuring out her design.

A bit of a combat preview as well.

It's been a while, wanted to update this and show I am still working on it. I had to redo the forest, once more but this time an actual update on the main character as well!

A preview of the newest area; Starlight starlake. Been working pretty hard on this game.