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REVERIE: a pixel platforming dream

A topic by VP created Mar 23, 2018 Views: 58
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REVERIE is a  short pixel platforming game made using Construct 3. 
it's now available to play for free! please check it out. > > >< < <


in REVERIE, you play as Nara, a sleepy child who goes to bed and finds that she cannot wake up from her dreams.
something...someone is making her stay. but what? who? 

equipped with magical jumping and boo-ing powers, Nara must find out what seems to haunt her...and must learn to let go. 


in-game screenshots: 


background: my partner and i wanted to try making a game that doesn't have a too deep meaning to it, but would still hint at themes that growing children and teens might happen to resonate with.  
(also, we just simply love pixel art. :D)

the game only takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. there are two possible endings, so have fun aiming for both!
sweet dreams

> > >< < <