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Projct SwordPlay (Alpha) [Devlog]

A topic by created Mar 22, 2018 Views: 96 Replies: 1
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Hello everyone. I'm not sure what to add here seeing that there is a dedicated devlog section for each project.

So I'm just going to post what has been done so far.

First thing first, the link :)

And a Discord channel for those who like to butt heads with the devs :P

As of update Alpha, Project SwordPlay has the following:

  • 2 playable characters
  • Offline training mode (with an idle opponent. Update soon)
  • Multiplayer mode that only support 1 vs 1 fights. 3 vs 3 fights will come (hopefully) in the next update
  • Match mode to find fight random players
  • Account management. Where players can add, message, and invite other players.
  • account authorization (ONLY ACCOUNTS CAN PLAY FOR NOW)
  • 1 stage

And here's a few images for those who are too lazy to check the project page :P

SwordPlay Alpha has been released -_- And about time.

That seriously took a lot of effort to get it working ;_; Still, what matters that is out :P

Two big points that I need to highlight in this update.

First, I got the game's dedicated server back ^^ The game no longer uses web requests to login and setup matches. With the server back, everything is more smoother.

Second, the battle and control schemes has been completely restructured. No more one button per action. The new scheme is more 'fast pace' friendly this time :)

If you are all not looking forward to the next update, you should be, because you will be able to get 6 players in one match :)

Change Log:

  • Added a brand new Master Server to Project SwordPlay
  • Re-scripted all online features to the new Master Server, instead of the old and slow web request methods
  • Completely restructured the battle and control scheme to something more "fast pace" friendly
  • Added "Spectate" mode to watch a fight in progress (still glitchy for some reason. Will fix in next update)
  • Resized the GUI to something less distracting