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A topic by Disciplesofrayquaza created Mar 22, 2018 Views: 317 Replies: 2
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so i have been using RPG maker mv, just purchased it, been trying to figure out how to make it a browser based game, the problem is.. there is no where to host it, and i finally came across this site but always get this error 

There was a problem loading your project:

Too many files in zip (3614 > 500)

this file is already zipped, and literally has 2 TINY zones.... like 4 minutes of game-play?? so how can it be so large? when i export it to a HTML from the RPG maker mv, i always check - do not uploaded un-unused files.... so what am i gonna do when this game actually becomes a decent game? i own a website and really wanted it to be browser based for the 100's of players i already have on the site, is there any possible way to get this fixed for me? maybe even double / triple my sizes, the game loaded the first time in like 4 seconds, but kept crashing due to missing animations, i added animations.. now its always to big.. theres no way it would even take more than 20 seconds TOPS to load this 2 zoned game.. any help?


That's a known problem with some game engines that put every little tile and sprite in its own image file. Might want to just let people download a Windows build of the game. Any browser would struggle loading that many pics one by one.

okay thanks