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#notatgdc and here's my constructive post.

A topic by Bilge Kaan created Mar 21, 2018 Views: 92 Replies: 2
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My name is Bilge Kaan, I'm from Turkey.

Last month, I released a game called "Indecision.". Normally, I make HTML5 games as a freelancer. I made the game while I was working on freelance jobs. It's a short game but it took me 2 years to finish it.  I made it because I like the process of making it. I didn't think people would like it but it gets positive reviews on Steam and got a good review from Kotaku. It didn't make much money compared to my freelance jobs but it sold more then I thought. Even though you can finish it in less than 30 minutes and it costs $3, the refund rate is 10%.  It means people loved it or they don't know they can refund games :D I think it's a successful game. So to be successful keep your expectations low, make personal/weird games and have savings.

Indecision. :


Hey, thanks for sharing your game. Sorry I didn't get to your post sooner, last few days had been busy and I didn't get to my queue. I've put you up on our homepage on the Not At GDC collection. I'll keep it up for another day or so.

Hey! No worries, thank you :)