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PINEPORT [Pixel Horror Game]

A topic by ViolentFerret created Mar 20, 2018 Views: 399 Replies: 5
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This game is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY as it contain images of violence / gore
and handles topics like psychological disorders, abuse, suicide and religion.
Welcome to Pineport!
A quiet small town far from any major city, where everybody knows their neighbours!

One fateful night all the town children vanishes without a trace. You play as Emery Dwayne, an outsider who only recently moved to Pineport, searching for your daughter Nathalie, hoping to find clues as to what became of the children.
But Pineport is a quiet town... Too quiet... And as the search goes on, the insignificant town of Pineport reveals darker secrets than you could ever imagine. Sometimes it is better to not know your neighbours...

  • Story Driven Horror Gaming Experience
  • SNES-era 16-Bit Pixel Graphics
  • 5 Main Story Chapters
  • Semi-Open World
  • Puzzles To Solve / Searching For Clues Open Up The Story
  • Hide From Chasing Enemies 
  • Creative Boss-Fights
  • Side Quests
  • Multiple Endings


A  couple of the characters found in the game showing some of the character graphics.
Original sprites by VexedEnigma / Redesigned by ViolentFerret.

Emery Dwayne: [Protagonist]

Nathalie Dwayne: [Missing Daughter]

James Sullivan: [Friend Of The Family / Guidance]


Corhollow Lake


This is looking great. Keep it up.

Thank you so much!
The game is constantly progressing :) New update soon.

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UPDATE: 29th February 2018

Just finished a polished and playable version through Chapter 1.
I know a lot of people do the aesthetics last for a game, but I like to work on it as I go to get a better vision of the finished products.
I am hoping to make a pre-alpha demo out of the content i currently have, and hopefully get some constructive criticism  on it!

What's new in Pineport:
  • Chapter 1 Complete:
    • Completed directing cut scenes
    • Chase sequences
    • Proper hiding / escaping mechanic
    • All items and NPC's related to the story in Ch.1
    • Chapter Boss Fight
    • Spriting for death animations and enemies
    • Completed Puzzles
  • The City Zone
    • Added one new side quest
    • New buildings to enter with interior
    • New NPC's
    • Extended the map-feature
    • Branching for multiple endings
Currently working on:
  • Mapping a complete interior for Chapter 2's main area
  • Writing more story details for Ch.2 / Ch.3
  • Making new sprites for NPC's and Ch.2 enemies and boss
  • Working on new puzzles and writing ideas for future puzzles
  • Trying to figure out the mechanic for Ch.2 Boss fight
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Finally gotten around to make a small teaser for what the game looks like!
Still working on the upcoming chapters, and i maaay make a demo of the first chapter in the near future as well!

UPDATE 10th APRIL 2018

I've drawn a couple of new sketches of enemy designs. I got pixel art with death animation for two of these. I was thinking about making picture 2 (top-right) as my second boss fight, but I've decided on a new (upcoming) design wich will fit better. Number 3 (down-left) has been a work-in-progress ever since the project started and will be appearing in chapter 3. I still got some work to do before publishing a pre-alpha demo, but it is coming along pretty well. You may say; even if I don't have a proper deadline or schedule yet, I'd argue that it I'm "schedule" ^_^.