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A topic by enderlost_studios created Mar 20, 2018 Views: 81 Replies: 1
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Hey there.

I'm from Australia, One day I will make the pilgrimage to GDC... one day..... onnnn daayy

Anyway, i'm working on a game called An Aspie Life. It's in fact releasing in less then 2 weeks time on steam.  

Here's a little bit about the game:

One day your roommate leaves for no reason. You’re left to face the outside world alone, but this can be both difficult and amazing when you have autism. Just because you have it, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. Some things can be harder to do, but you can do some incredible things as well. It just makes even the mundane parts of life, an experience.

 "An Aspie Life" is an experimental adventure game that deals with the topic of Asperger's Syndrome. The game is centred around having to live with autism. The players actions in the game will have to adapt to how an autistic person sees the world. As every element of this game recreates how some people with autism perceive the world, therefore all forms of sound, graphics and interactions are intentional.

You can find it on steam here -->

and on here -->

Thank you, for being open and free for game development 

- Bradley 


Hey Bradley,

Thanks for posting. Thanks for sharing your game, and I'm glad you're on If you ever make it over to GDC feel free to say hi. I put your game up on the homepage.