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Open source puzzle / adventure game engine

A topic by soapbubble created Mar 19, 2018 Views: 116 Replies: 2
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#notatgdc but I'd sure like to be!

As a side effect of making I have been building an open source game engine located at  While the source has been somewhat tailored to play the game of Morpheus-- the engine itself is purely data driven and can be used to build puzzle / adventure games involving panoramas, movies, 2D scenes w/ triggers, buttons, 1 and 2 axis sliders as well as custom Javascript game scripts.  

The general game flow are scenes which are collections of cast elements.  Cast elements can be hotspots, panoramas, pictures, videos, sounds or cursors.  Hotspots, when activated can change game state or transition scenes.  Casts can have comparators that test against game state to determine if enabled.  On-screen elements can be bound to game state to control their appearance.

I am getting close to having a game engine that can faithfully play Morpheus.  I have been thinking about using the engine for a game jam as a way to work out the details of making the engine more general purpose and able to easily target other datasets.  That being said, anyone is welcome to fork the code base as-is and use it for their own adventure games.  I am happy to help!

I would like to use this space to document my effort at making the morpheus engine more general purpose as well as answer any questions developers might have.


Thanks for posting, this looks pretty cool. I put you up on the homepage.

I noticed that the game doesn't fit in the frame of the embed correctly, there's a little bit of margin on the top left. Is that our fault?

No.... I think that is my fault.  My putting the game up here is a bit of a hack as it is an iframe in an iframe.  AFAICT that border is appearing as a default iframe styling of the browser.  I should remove the styling.  

As part of my work packaging up the game for electron and phonegap I have been working to make all assets static.  Once I have that build process working ( then I can upload actual static assets for the game which is more in the spirit of how web game uploads are supposed to work.