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Error when entering password

A topic by dfkjaoe created Apr 26, 2022 Views: 582 Replies: 6
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Hi. It's been a pretty enjoyable game so far but I did hit a glitch. The game crashed when trying to enter a password and spit up the following text.


core/init.lua:585: attempt to call a nil value


core/init.lua:585: in function 'adjust_difficulty'

scripts/load_passcodes.lua:581: in function 'process_password'

states/passcode_screen.lua:246: in function 'submit_passcode'

states/passcode_screen.lua:96: in function 'update'

core/init.lua:988: in function <core/init.lua:984>

libs/boipushy.lua:79: in function 'update'

[C]: in function 'xpcall'


Now this is a strange bird. Do you remember what passcode you tried typing in (far stretch)? I keep trying to crash the password prompt too to see if I can replicate this, and I'm not having a ton of luck. The only thing I could think of is if the base version is trying to load one of the stages that doesn't exist, which would make the most sense. The build I still have on my computer is the one post-release that was going to add some new content, but that didn't go so hot. I'll have to take a crack at this one once I'm off work. 

We do apologize for the chaos! Appreciate the heads up!


I actually do have it. The password that caused the crash was M6E13QAK

Hopefully that helps and no worries about the issue. It wasn't really that annoying or anything.

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Beautiful. That helped a ton. I was able to recreate that crash and see what was going on. Believe I have managed to tape her up! I'll release a quick patch up to the game files quite soon. Basically, the game got confused and output a 0 where it shouldn't have.

My current build doesn't quite match what's out on (there was going to be a desert stage available as a post-game thank you, but it never saw the light of day), so I might add some neat trinkets before uploading what I have.

Big major one is that the soundtrack doesn't match at all. I've been hacking in my songs to the game (as opposed to the watson soundtrack), so maybe I'll offer a download option for both flavors!! 

Thank you for the heads up. I appreciate it. Thank you for giving the game a play, too. I always find it cool as heck if someone gives the games a whirl.

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You're welcome. Glad I could help figuring out the error. And thank you for all the hard work on making and maintaining a fun game.

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Thank you. I just released the Version 1.1 update, so not only is that fixed, but the general gameplay should be further enhanced! In fact, if it wasn't for this post, I might never have started tinkering around with the game!

No problem. Cool, I'll have to check out the improved version. And I know I said it before but thanks again.