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taught me a lot about romance, how to run my business, and even gave me a present in the form of chlamydia. NICE

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i am not particularly good at this game, but it is definitely neat; fun, good job

neat game for a lunch break at work; good job

I am the developer. Thank you for taking the time to reach out! Things like this instill a lot of faith in the game design adventure. I am hoping you will take a liking to the next game in the series, which plans to take things to an even more fulfilling level. METANET HUNTER G4 was the first step in getting a solid idea for the gameplay flow, and the next project will begin the new generation of METANET HUNTER action.

  • It may or may not disappoint you, but the music of Metanet Hunter G4 is not mine, it is all composed by "watson," who hosts most of his songs and other information on this site:
    • This guy does whip out some absolutely solid music.
  • 95% of all other assets are my own, with some assistance by Martin Gustavsson:

Here is a preview of what is currently in development:

If you are interested in the series future, I would invite you to come along for the ride! Some more idea folk or director roles would come in handy. I am doing the graphics, artworks, music, whole nine.

Thank you again! The future and this year will prove to be exciting.

do we have a timeframe on the upcoming release? I would like to use this for my future projects, but the last versions seem to have a major compatibility issue; I remember in 2021 it wasn't an issue to get this up and running

The .love file can be obtained by downloading the Linux version of the game. That is ...kind of how I try and provide a basic level of Linux support. That being said, you could download that and run it on Windows or Mac as well, yup!

Thank you for your interest in the game!

Well, we have a solution! The Linux build can be used by installing LOVE, and giving the Linux download a whirl. That's about as good as we can do, BUT it does allow you to play it!!

Thank you also. I appreciate it.

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Thank you. I just released the Version 1.1 update, so not only is that fixed, but the general gameplay should be further enhanced! In fact, if it wasn't for this post, I might never have started tinkering around with the game!

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Beautiful. That helped a ton. I was able to recreate that crash and see what was going on. Believe I have managed to tape her up! I'll release a quick patch up to the game files quite soon. Basically, the game got confused and output a 0 where it shouldn't have.

My current build doesn't quite match what's out on (there was going to be a desert stage available as a post-game thank you, but it never saw the light of day), so I might add some neat trinkets before uploading what I have.

Big major one is that the soundtrack doesn't match at all. I've been hacking in my songs to the game (as opposed to the watson soundtrack), so maybe I'll offer a download option for both flavors!! 

Thank you for the heads up. I appreciate it. Thank you for giving the game a play, too. I always find it cool as heck if someone gives the games a whirl.

Now this is a strange bird. Do you remember what passcode you tried typing in (far stretch)? I keep trying to crash the password prompt too to see if I can replicate this, and I'm not having a ton of luck. The only thing I could think of is if the base version is trying to load one of the stages that doesn't exist, which would make the most sense. The build I still have on my computer is the one post-release that was going to add some new content, but that didn't go so hot. I'll have to take a crack at this one once I'm off work. 

We do apologize for the chaos! Appreciate the heads up!

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I think this could be taken to the next level with a true grit YM2612 (Genesis) soundtrack. The art style almost begs for it. The acid/dance music works, but if you can get to grips with the FM synthesizer the Genesis uses, there's some SICK tunes you could make.

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If you could shoot me an email over at <that was my email>, we'll get you taken care of. Thank you for your interest!

We have reached OVER SIX HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE FIVE DOLLAR GOAL. That is INSANE! I greatly appreciate all of you who decided to show your support for Metanet Hunter G4!

We've seen a small influx of people purchasing Metanet Hunter G4 out there! To that, I would like to say thank you!! Thank you for your interest in this game, and thank you for supporting the folks at RodeoNET Engineering. I will certainly make it worth your while with our future instalment(s), and I hope you get some enjoyment out of the game! 

Remember, there's plenty of collectables and secrets to discover in this one. Stay tuned for more goodness in the future!

Love it. 

Thank you for giving the game demo a spin! I really appreciate that you gave the game a video run-through too, those are super fun to see! Some of my replies in regards to some of the commentary: 

  • The Metanet Hunter Series is fairly obscure, but hey, what can I say, sometimes we get together and these happen. To answer that specifically, I am generally the lead designer behind these projects. Sometimes I'll bounce ideas back and forth with the Executive Producer (Qig) for how some bosses should be or what kinds of weapons, levels, or other goodies we should add. 
  • We did get Metanet Hunter CD on Steam! In fact, we got it Greenlit! It took 9 days, and I'm very very surprised it got its way onto there. It is a huge deal to me. I did not think it would get Greenlit. You are right about CD being slightly more just classic 16-bit style, where G4 is more of a throwback to Metanet Hunter 1/Metanet Hunter SE (in fact, the default game palette is the same as Metanet Hunter SE)
    • I do have plans to get Metanet Hunter G4 launched onto Steam, it's just a matter of getting together the finances to make it happen! I kind of want to do some slightly heavier marketing before it gets launched onto there, and give it some nice, fresh new promotional art; the whole 9 yards, y'know. I will certainly get in touch with you to get you a Steam Key once that becomes available. I'm not sure about the inner details of Steam Direct, but I'm going to try officially getting it launched there sometime in late August, early September. If people really end up enjoying it, I'll try to get it out even sooner!
  • Metanet Hunter G4 certainly has a bunch of old-school 90s platformer influences. I couldn't deny that in the slightest as I grew up with such classics like Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania, and the works. The latter three certainly influence it the most!
    • You can even run to go faster in the demo and full versions! Just like Mario, you gotta hold the shoot button down. If you are wondering why it is like this, it's because I had/have the sadistic idea to port this game onto Gameboy Advance as a sort of demented science project, and wanted all the game controls to fit on a Gameboy Advance controller! 
  • The screen transition system certainly took one heck of a long time to implement! Primarily because I did get it to handle diagonals. It certainly isn't perfect (ha), but hey! That was a tough one. It's fully dynamic for better or worse, and I absolutely, absolutely should have just had it go left/right or up/down. Took the longest time to iron out many of the bugs! I think I spent at least a week on that one.

But, a big thank you for trying out the game! It means a lot to me, this was one heck of a project to get together. Stay tuned for August 4th, by the by! I might have some new content for free available.

Yup, we plan to! If either the game or I raise enough money to pay the Steam Direct fee, we'll get it up there for sure.

Thank you!

You'll want to use LOVE version 0.10.1, the most recent version available when Metanet Hunter CD was under development. Thanks again! The newest game will use the most recent version of LOVE, but that's another few months out.

Hi unknown78, thanks for bringing that fact up! I in fact did forget to check off the Linux version... being the Linux version, geez. That part should be solved, and I added some semi-clear directions in the installation instructions, too. It's really neat that someone put the game on reddit recently, but I can imagine that blowing up in my face. :p

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Hey guys! As part of RodeoNET's 2018 plans, we're going to be dropping the price of Metanet Hunter CD to get ready for the next title, which is coming soon. 

You'll have to brace yourself for what's next. It's been a while since I've made something, and the back-end technology has seen a significant bump compared to what was possible with the last game. But rest assured, I think a lot of us are going to like what we have in store.

With that being said, the rodeo isn't closed just yet. Let's rock on into the new year!! 2018's gonna be a banger!!

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Do the left/right sting you

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