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Press the "Download or Claim" button then press "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" then press the claim button. Hope that helps and you can claim it in time.

Happy Birthday.

Looks like a pretty cool game. Thanks. :D

This is a pretty great game with an enjoyable story and interesting characters. Great job.

Also I'd like to second the request for letting us claim the game so we don't have to hang onto a download of the file if we want to play again. Like say when the sequel comes out.

FYI if you haven't bought this already the game is free for several hours in honor of Valentine's Day.

An enjoyable and engaging story with some spookyness. Good job. :)

This game was a really nice heartwarming experience and super cute even though it deals with some heavy stuff. All the little bits of dialogue are really nice and the whole thing is very aesthetically pleasing. Plus the art pieces are super cute and fluffy (? if that makes any sense) too so thanks a bunch for putting them on sale.

I did notice one glitch. If you aren't on the last piece of dialogue for the front door when you've helped take care of Emily then it seemingly won't display the going outside dialogue.

But that glitch didn't take away from the great experience. Great job, I loved it. :)

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This game is kind of a RTS, a survival crafting game, and one of those puzzle alchemy games where you mix things together to get better things all smashed together. And yet somehow all those different things combined together work. Also the kind of surreal horror comedy aesthetic works well with the chaotic wackiness of the game. All in all, this is a fun game and I recommend it.

And of course a big thanks to the creator.

Ah, hopefully you can figure out the issue. Too bad about the attachment positions thing but if there's no reasonable way to slap an overlay on the turret during the picking sequence due to orientation issues or something what can you do. At least it's not too big of an issue. Though I'd still consider an option to return to the previous zoom after picking a weapon a pretty nice feature if it's not too much trouble to implement. Anyway, you're welcome and thanks again for the generosity.

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It's a fun game, thanks for the freebie. Though I seem to have found a glitch on level 3 that caused enemies to stop spawning after hitting 1427.

Other then that issue there are a couple of quality of life changes you might consider adding. It would be nice if the game returned to the same zoom level after picking an upgrade. Some volume controls would be nice. And finally labeling the attachment positions during upgrade choosing so you don't have to figure out the positions based on the orientation of the turret would be a bit helpful. But all in all those are minor additions that don't take away from what has so far been pretty neat.

Thanks again for giving it out for free.

No problem. Cool, I'll have to check out the improved version. And I know I said it before but thanks again.

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You're welcome. Glad I could help figuring out the error. And thank you for all the hard work on making and maintaining a fun game.

I actually do have it. The password that caused the crash was M6E13QAK

Hopefully that helps and no worries about the issue. It wasn't really that annoying or anything.

Hi. It's been a pretty enjoyable game so far but I did hit a glitch. The game crashed when trying to enter a password and spit up the following text.


core/init.lua:585: attempt to call a nil value


core/init.lua:585: in function 'adjust_difficulty'

scripts/load_passcodes.lua:581: in function 'process_password'

states/passcode_screen.lua:246: in function 'submit_passcode'

states/passcode_screen.lua:96: in function 'update'

core/init.lua:988: in function <core/init.lua:984>

libs/boipushy.lua:79: in function 'update'

[C]: in function 'xpcall'

You're welcome and thanks again for the freebie.

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It's a good game. The visuals are very nice looking and quite cute. The puzzles aren't super hard but do require some thinking. I'll echo the other poster and say that the biggest downside is the controls. I'd definitely suggest cleaning those up. Aside from accepting inputs outside the movable area and just moving as close as possible I'd also suggest  changing or adding movement positions for the balloon things. For a lot of them clicking directly on one either didn't move or didn't quite take you to the right place to move up and down so you have to click on the floor around them to get it just right. But other then that one bit of annoyance I really enjoyed the game. Thanks for the free giveaway and good luck with future game development.

Yeah, I figured it was something like that. You're welcome.

Hey, just FYI, the description in this sale ( is currently incorrect. Not that big of a deal of course, but I figured I'd mention it.