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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

Ideas For Folk?

A topic by BurritoBot3000 created Mar 18, 2018 Views: 350 Replies: 2
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We should be able to make items for folk to make them a type of person that you can select their task such as...

Farmer-Can harvest cereal, milk cows, put cereal in threshing machine, and plant seeds

Fisherman-Will fish with a fishing rod and put into nearest fish storage

Miner-Will mine boulders or collect ore and put into nearest dish storage

Thank You,



At the moment we won't be giving jobs to Folk (that's what the bots are for) but we WILL be making them much more useful. They'll play a very important role in the next version :)

ugh when will the new update be out i have been waiting for far too long