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Releasing on steam. Nice

YES! I have seen this game from the start and have always seen potential in it. Even though I have not donated, it is really nice seeing this game grow up over the course of years.

Ha I'm Looking back at my post today and the attak helecopter thing made my day

Ok so this idea is from roblox yes but it is faster and has more dlc and junk right?

What are berries and mushrooms used for

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Ideas For Folk?
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We should be able to make items for folk to make them a type of person that you can select their task such as...

Farmer-Can harvest cereal, milk cows, put cereal in threshing machine, and plant seeds

Fisherman-Will fish with a fishing rod and put into nearest fish storage

Miner-Will mine boulders or collect ore and put into nearest dish storage

Thank You,


What do you do with flowers

You Should Make a metal scooter or motorcycle that is crafted a lot like a steam workerbot

Thanks for the badge this helps a lot with organizing their jobs

Also The trees need to be fixed when i chop them they fall into the stumps  and when they turn to logs the log gliches and flys out  from the stump

Thanks, please try to make the horse less buggy and make the cart not glitch out, or have a "spawn horse" button

And the horse is a valued component for the shop so try to hurry up.



HELP! i am playing v0.0.9 and when i go outside my horse is there.

Do i have to spawn it? where is it?

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I really think that you guys have a lot of time and put a lot of work in this game, I will be glad to advertise this game  and it has a lot of potential. 

how do you make tools

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another thing i dont see fishing rod on the workbench

Hey um so when i give folk milky porige they well... eat the pot

Thank you for responding quickly also what are beacons fors

I am also wondering what the point of the game is (not to be rude)