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Seeds of Resilience

Build your village and survive against the storms · By Goblinz Studio, Stormland

Its really cool game but are there any other features

A topic by Caroline M. Balkon created Mar 17, 2018 Views: 610 Replies: 3
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Like are you going to post this in future on you-tube to make more of way raise your revenue that another way, to get a game reviewers to see your game is good concept, but I kind wonder is this one have any hidden gems... and things I don't know like is this magical island or is zombie island that kind thing. 

Is it steampunk sort game where they use airships or just plain boats to get off the island?

Or will survivors simply live on island/ is there any dangers on island/enemies.

You posted only things that give no data...I like your idea you just need add more data for people like your game too.

Like storm concept but will be roaring all the time?

Farm concept might over used but I was thinking it might not be if your trying survive longer term it might only way to live longer and survive without issue. 

Water is biggie -> water has to desalination that means has to boiled or broken down so that means we either get salt or fresh water in that process? if there was refinement process. 

Salt would mean that survivors would get something preserve the food without having dry it out. 

Means also what type island it is..survivors wrecked on, tropical, European or desert? or do you have all three mixed in will they ever see active volcano on map or not?


Hello, I'll try to answer all of your questions !

We are working on a gameplay trailer. Stormland is kind of realistic so we don't have magic, zombies or steampunk stuff.

We plan 2 game modes : Campaign where you go from island to island building boats, and survival with a randomly generated map where you try to survive as long as you can and build a big village, staying on the same island.

There are no fighting ; you have to survive the natural disasters, and manage the group of survivors (feed them, give them a shelter, maybe later manage wounds and diseases).

We're still balancing data a lot. Storms will not be too frequent, more a big threat to overcome sometimes.

Farming will be very important in the long run. You can also fish.

Currently we don't plan to handle water, the villagers don't need to drink, but if players really want it why not ! Your desalination ideas are interesting. Could be great to use salt to preserve food too.

Right now the maps are on a temperate climate. We hope we'll be able to make more assets for other climates ! And for the volcano, well... That could be an end-game challenge.

Thanks for your interest in Stormland !

Farming you say but also harvesting wood but that does mean where would person get seeds? is it balanced get seeds from harvesting trees, and bushes? Farming tilling you can gather stones and left over debris like bone or something I would guess but if you dig deep enough you find root of some kind. does that mean it be edible to foragers? 

Wood be bark, branches, that decayed leaves, but during wind storm or rainstorm you have trees falling over or snapping in two just give you hint a bit there. Trees aren't indestructible. they even sway in direction which they aren't meant to. 

I live in tree zone so I would know what trees are looking like when heavy winds are coming... 

seeds, mulch from trees are common, moss is necessary not a good it could parasitic to tree, fungi black-red or blue might eat at tree. 

then again if were game I consider those things resources....except fungi aren't necessary edible. moss you have boil turn into usage bandage materials.

I am sorry I just trying to get feel of your game there are quite few like same but not all them respond.

there was one that magic on it and zombies/ something with normal storm theory and survival chances sort threw me for loop...farming on normal resources is kind something that might be good thing.


Farming and planting trees will be part of a big update (probably in april). I like your idea about trees falling over during storms that leave easy harvestable wood.

I don't know if we'll be able add as many details as you suggest but I'll think about it ! Thanks for all the ideas !