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Load Tool Usage

A topic by valhallaCNC created Apr 20, 2022 Views: 203 Replies: 10
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I understand the library list is for separate projects, to add tools as needed for the currant project. I tend to load the whole 10 slot library list (less clicks).  I have more then 10 tools. When you use the sorting tool options, it does not affect the original 10 slot list, only selected tool from the original list. The second tool menu (load tool sorting one) works great, can that be displayed all the time instead of just the 10 slot list, or does that defeat what you had in mind ?  Or scroll bar on library list ? It would save steps going back and forth, to get to tools not on my original 10.  Just load the whole list on startup. When you save the project saves only the tools that are used, on reopening displays only those. I'm not always sure on which tool I want to use and sometimes like to try several before I settle on one. Or  maybe I just need to adjust how I use it. Curious how other people use this as well. Do you have any feedback ? This is not intended as criticism, but based strictly on the way I use PixelCNC. Hope you can understand my explanation.



Hi Joe,

The Project Tools list is a separate thing from the Tool Library so that if the project is loaded on another computer running PixelCNC the correct tool definitions are present, without requiring a an identical tool library. The library can be re-arranged to change which tools are in your top 10. Would you like it if the Load Library to List showed the library and let you apply sorting to determine which tools are loaded? The main reason PixelCNC limits a project to ten tool definitions is because there's also a limit of 10 operations per project which means the project couldn't use more than 10 tools.

Both limits may change in the future but it will require a bit of a revamp of the whole project file format, which isn't out of the question but not on the near-term list of things to do.

I think a good idea would be to instead allow selecting tools directly from the Tool Library for an operation, and have it automatically place it in the project's tool list where there's an empty tool index, or an index that's not being used by any operations, if it hasn't already been added to the Project Tools list already.

Let me know what you think :)

 - Charlie


I think we are talking the same thing. I misspoke , I understand the project tool list is  separate from tool library. I didn't know about the 10 operation limit, seems like that is plenty. I wasn't very clear. I was just thinking to display all your tools (even if there is more then 10) , being able to sort them directly without having to call up the second sorting box, then have the ones you use in operations added to the project tool list automatically such as you described .  Sounds like the same thing we are talking about. Have you had feed back from anyone else, hope your not making changes on my account.



The Tool Library was the product of someone requesting a way to re-use tool definitions in the first place. A lot of changes and new features are the result of user feedback, the more the merrier! I can't promise that every idea or suggestion will make it into PixelCNC but users will have ideas for things I never would've considered - and there's a lot of value to be had from that.

I'll try to add in the ability to directly choose tools for an operation from the library dialog for the next update. Then you will always be able to go back to the Project Tools mode and edit the tool definition if need be, or otherwise use the Project Tools mode to populate the library and update definitions the way it is now.

 - Charlie

Sounds good Charlie..I know the value of feedback...this forum  feels like my personal tutor is all. But it is great customer service....


It's had people come and go over the years. I think once I do a real advertisement push (which I haven't done at all yet) then it will be really popping, though by that point I plan to have a whole different forum setup just for the new site. :)


How do you delete a tool from the Tool Library...I can delete it from the tool project list, but I haven't even been using the loaded tool project list. It's much easier to just pick you tool from the operation tab. I get to see my whole list of tools that way. Just an observation , the project tool list is populated from the first ten in the library correct ? You have to load tools before you can start an operation.   Would it be better to populate the project tool list from the operation tab selection . That way only the actual tool you used would be in the project list. 

Thanks Joe


Hi Joe,

Right now the only way to "remove" a tool from the library is to just overwrite it with another tool definition by saving to the slot you wish to overwrite. There's not a way to blank out a tool library slot though.

I do think that for someone who uses PixelCNC the way you do it might be better to just use the new feature for loading tools from the library from the operation parameters interface. You don't need to have any tools defined for a project to create an operation anymore - though PixelCNC will still popup a messagebox about it, but it will still let you create a new operation and assumes you will be loading tools via the new "Load From Library" button that shows on operations' Tool parameter.

 - Charlie

Thanks Charlie...

When I got the pop-up I assumed you still had to load the list. That clarifies things


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That works great ...Makes work flow much easier....very nice how it updates the project tool list when you change tools in the operation tab.

thanks Joe......


Glad to hear it! :)