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Bloom! An interactive music zen game. Check out our prototype!

A topic by BitWizardGames created Mar 16, 2018 Views: 140 Replies: 2
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In Bloom you’re the composer. Play in a world of light and growth to create visual symphonies that soothe and inspire.

Create life. Each form has a voice.

Grow your creations Each voice responds to your touch.

Listen to their voices Together they sing

Download Bloom on Itch.Io


Everything you create in Bloom plays music. As you create and interact the music changes and grows also. 

This current build is a prototype - a proof of concept. 

Bloom started as a Global Game Jam project for GGJ2018. So many people loved the project (and we did too!) that we decided to continue working on it with the goal of creating a full experience. 

The full game will be released in late 2018 for Oculus/Vive, PC, MacOS, and Linux.

Please connect with us on social media and join our community to follow the development of this beautiful game!

Join our Discord Server | Follow on Facebook | Follow on Twitter | Website


I put you up on our fresh games section on the homepage. Thanks for adding it to

That's great to hear! thanks leafo!