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That Car Game - Pre-Alpha (Stugan 2018 Application)

A topic by Albert created Mar 16, 2018 Views: 67
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This is my entry for Stungan 2018, if you are searching for ways to accelerate your game development career and promote your current project Stugan is one option you can try. Apply to it before this March 31st. More info about the program:

Extract from their webpage: "Stugan is a non-profit accelerator program for talented game developers, helping new teams and individuals to realise their wildest game ideas. Spend two months of your life in the woods, far away from civilization building the game of your dreams."

About the game:

That Car Game is a maze racing game in which, yes you guessed it... have to race to the finish line to get the fastest time in a maze like environment. The final project will contain at least 30 interesting and mind-bending design levels, with 5 types of vehicles to choose from: racing tier, family car, heavy duty, hover car and hamster ball.

The project so far is in pre-alpha stage with the first 10 levels done which serve as tutorial levels and can be played at:

All feedback is welcome!