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looking for help to make a game about dreams

A topic by takuroya created Mar 16, 2018 Views: 217 Replies: 5
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hello everyone, I would like some help, I been thinking for ages that I should or find away to make something about my dreams.

I can remember over 100+ dreams most of them are lucid and I think it would be fun and awesome to share them and make it as a game.

it would have/be





and many more you can think of.

i like to dream but i think its time to let people know about my dreams!.

do you have dreams? what about?

i will tell you about one of my dreams.

"it was pitch black and then suddenly, I am awake standing in my room, then I walk out the door and past the toilet,

next minute, a bad guy called:shadow man, awakens from the toilet area, I run!, but he is too fast, he is super strong like superman,

and he pulls me away from the next door, then put me back on my bed and screams at me!, and everything goes pitch black and shadow man laughs"

I usually have that same dream, I got used to it, I know what to do if I see him again and I know what to do!.

I am not scared of my horror dreams, well at least not the same old ones, you could call me conquer of dreams.

"or yells at me" I hope anyone is interested in making a game like this, it doesn't have to be sandbox, but I am putting ideas.

there are many games I have seen, that inspire me, like:Dr.lunatic supreme with cheese, it is bird eye view/facedown 2d.

im not intending to make my game or your game 3d, it can be anything you like as long as the game is about dreams and that there are animations and things for the game.

I know abit about making art and animation, i just need to find the right programs.

right now i use for art is

and what programs i might use:pencil 2d/contructor 2

shadow man is like a stick man 3d and has no visably details on his shadow body , he is pitch black and also see particle/static effect on his body

hey people you can go to my profile on rpg maker forum to talk about this as well

if i could get help to redo my thread?,

you guys can listen and download some sound effects that i could use for a game or for anyone