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Add animations to static images · By JITD

New suggestions + Touch and Grab not working correctly + Slight camera drift

A topic by alltoonedup created Mar 16, 2018 Views: 164 Replies: 4
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I'm really happy with the improvements to the program especially with the new save changes, however there are two problems. The touch and grab options don't work if you add an effect and try to use the former options again. 

Another thing I've noticed is that the "Cam Move" feature will shake the screen out of its original position and cause it to drift slightly up the longer that you have it on no matter how low you put the camera force to be.

As for suggestions, I think more jiggle options would be neat. Like one where you click the area, and it jiggles depending on how high your force mult is. Other than the issues I've listed before, I'm really impressed with how much this program has improved! 


Thanks for the suggestions!

I will try to fix the touch and grab as soon as I can. The Cam Move problem should be a easy fix, will work on it as well.

I agree with more jiggle options, i most likely will focus on those once the bugs are fixed. I also have in mind some neat new features, but will take some time to make those.

Can you please elaborate your suggestion to select an area for the jiggly? Like having different settings for each area?

Feel free to suggest any new effects that you may find cool, i can try to add them as well. Thanks for the support!


I was thinking about making the jiggle option similar to the "touch" and "grab" buttons? For example: After you make the shape and select the button for it, when you click on the area, it will jiggle a bit. I think "poke" would be a good name for it maybe? 

Another thing that would be neat is a "spray" option kinda like the fluid button. Example: you select an area similar to the shape tool, and when you press a button on the keyboard once you select the area, fluid will drip/spray out of that area.

And you're welcome, I'm always glad to help!


Ok, now i understand. I like both ideas, will add to my list of stuff to do! Thanks for the help.

having .psd files having layers work together before the final "make image" would help, as an artist i know its dificult but the circles for the anchor points are so big its hard to know where im placing them. possibly adding a option like the puppet pin tool in after effects would help greatly.

this wont work with my tablet (cintq companion) i would need to use a mouse but making it compatiable with my tablet pen could be really cool!

Really neat idea and concept.