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PixelCNC: Handy 3-Axis Mill/Router Toolpath Generation For Images!

A radical new CAM program for CNC artists to generate original and interesting toolpaths from 2D images! · By Deftware Industries

v1.15a release

A topic by billb0169 created Mar 15, 2018 Views: 83 Replies: 3
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You mentioned that v1.15a would be released soon and I was wondering if you have the release date yet?


Hi Bill, I was just tweaking some little things with it before I put it out. I'll get it out here in about an hour or two. Apologies for the delay! Thanks.

Thanks. I think it's only posted in the trial download though. The paid version is still showing the old one.

Please disregard. I refreshed the page and saw the new version in downloads :)