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Good visuals, but couldn't get into it.

A topic by Kasper Hviid created Mar 15, 2018 Views: 363 Replies: 1
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I'm using Rift CV1. When I started up this experience, I was greeted with a rather unfortunate message:

Note: No voice recognition enabled. Use nod/shake instead.

Huh? I had no clue I was supposed to have enable voice recognition somewhere. But okay, I tried shaking and nodding my head the best I could, hoping for some kind of reaction. But she just stood there, starring weirdly at me. There were some "New text" visible at the upper left corner of the room.

So while I was able to start the game in VR, the interaction pretty much failed. So I can't give much feedback on this. But besides that, I think the environment could do with some details: Stuff like a light source, or a door (how else are we supposed to have entered the room?) also, if the end user is supposed to kneel down, the floor could do with a higher resolution. It would be great with some environment sound, I'm thinking some underground cellar RPG stuff.


Wow, thank you for trying it out! It's pre-alpha so I'm more exploring how to post builds and just getting some of the visuals working. 

The voice recognition was something I was trying out. I believe you would need to have Win10. 

I haven't gotten much interest in this project just yet, so in the meantime I've been working on adding VR support for oxopotion's Poke Abby game. I've posted a preview build on my Patreon and would LOVE to get your feedback. I promise it will work 1000% better!!!