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We really appreciate the ideas for how we can make the game better. Thank you!

Hi! Thanks for checking out our game. There is no content like that yet, but we definitely want to add it!! Furia and Caliste will both be good fits for this new type of content. :)

Hi. Yes it is. Just use your quest link cable and run the game after turning on Steam VR

Hello! I think this is a bug we need to investigate. Sounds like something might be wrong in the newest version. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

Hi! Yes, anytime we update the game here, it will update your copy. You won't need to buy it again!

Thank you so much for the encouragement and support!

Hello! I've responded to you on Reddit, but I'll also post the response here so others can see it.


Hello! Thank you for your support and encouragement!

All of the builds are back in our control and have been replaced with new, stable buillds, where needed! Our Discord was rebuilt within 5 hours by a team of amazing, long-time fans and members. We are so grateful. Many people didn't even realize anything had happened!

$10 Patrons get access to any test builds, as well as the main game, and our non-game lewds (fun little pictures of our Mistresses that you won't find in game). All of our current test builds should be integrated into our main game, but the "Sex Toy" integration is still only possible in the stand alone build.

The Patreon integration with Discord was an actual Discord problem and not related to our attack.

Please let us know if you have any more questions!


Hello! Thanks for checking her out. Our plan is to have her voiced by an English actress with a Spanish accent. We tried to pick Spanish words to pepper in her language to make it feel more authentic.

We are so, so sorry to everyone who has been affected by the hack. We have control of all of our accounts back, but the hacker was prolific in trying to steal info and compromise other people, so we have discovered a few less obvious things he did that we are still fixing.

As Tee mentioned, the files for Itch's main game, the demo, and Therapeutic Domming are back online.

That's a fantastic bug fix! Sorry I am only just now seeing this. My computer didn't tell me there had been a new post!

Thank you for reporting this! It's good to know if this continues to be problematic for people. We definitely want to improve heigh calibration and we just need to balance this with new content.

Ahh. I can see how only having female Dommes wouldn't be as fun then. Thank you for letting us know! We will add the request to the list of things we've been asked for.

Just out of curiosity... do you normally prefer Male Doms?

The ideas people have shared are pretty fun! I hope others will share too!

Thank you so much for trying the game and asking! We never intended to have any 'male' Doms, but we do always listen to fans and we are keeping track of what people are asking for.

 One thing we have done, based on fan feedback, is create one of the Mistresses (Furia) as a futa. We are also adding a 'male bull' to Lady Angelica, which means getting to play with a more Dominant male slave than the player. We are also exploring whether to include an androgynous Mistress.  

For now, this is the direction we are going in, but if people keep asking for a fully Male Dominant, we may move in that direction. Another option to go in is to release a Dominatrix Simulator 2, that has other types of creatures that can 'be in charge'. 

We just don't want to do want everyone else already does, so sticking with women keeps us in a unique space. I hope that helps!

Hi! Thanks for playing our game. Sorry for the late response! Here are the answers:

1) Save file location: 

Win+R, Open: %AppData%\..\LocalLow\deviant_tech\Dominatrix Simulator\Saves 

2) No in-client ways to change this currently. Players can change the computer's date/time, though.

Oh no! We don't have any immediate plans to try and support the game on Mac . But we will make a note that another user has requested this support.

New build is live :)

Thank you for this extra information. It's not clear to me why the camera is moving down and to the right, but I will create a bug report so we can investigate.

Can you please tell me what processing power (CPU and RAM) that you have and what graphics card you are using?

Turns out we had one line of code not linked. I've found it and fixed it on our end. We'll have to kick off a new build and push that out asap!

I will investigate further! Sounds like something is still wrong!

Can you please make sure you're playing version 2.3.1? We were made aware of this situation and have implemented an in game fix. It's in the latest build.

Hello! This is the first issue we have heard with hand controllers in Quest 2. It should work just fine. It should also work in keyboard and mouse by automatically putting the hands sin the right place.

Is this the first time you've played DomSim? Have you ever played the game on any other systems / headsets?  Did it work on those?

Can you explain better what you mean when you say the 'camera always moving in one direction'? We just need more info so we can properly investigate the issue.


Hello! Thank you for raising this. It is an annoying aspect we want to fix, but we have been focusing on new content first. I'll make a note that this has been raised again!

Yikes! Thanks for letting us know it's such a problem. We don't currently have a way to adjust the height calibration, but it's something we want to implement in the future! There are no additional scenes using a hip / pelvis while standing, so you shouldn't have any more problems like this. However, let us know if slaps or other interactions are wildly off!

We're so touched to hear this made a difference for you! Thank you for taking time to share this with us. It's hard to know whether this is helping people, as intended, without some kind of feedback. :)

I suppose a layer of newspaper or paper bags could acheive the same result? Newspaper could even fit in with the puppy play kink :)

Excellent question! I'm curious what other fans do, as well!
Suggestions from us are t-shirts, socks, a towel!

Have fun!!

Hello! Thank you so much for your enthusiastic support! It means a lot to us :)

If you want to help support development, you can become a Patron or reach out to me on Discord about other skills you might have that we could benefit from! Links below:

Hello! Yes, you definitely get updates for free. Just save it into your library.

Thanks for finding us on Discord and doing a bug report!

Hello! Thank you so much for the awesome feedback and ideas! We appreciaet it so much when fans take time to share with us what they want to see more of. It's really motivating!

Thanks so much for your question! We encourage people to buy the game on Steam if they want to use it through Steam. This is because Itch has an app you can play through, just like Steam.

That's definitely something that's been requested. We haven't had a chance to look into it yet, but we will see what we can do!

Hello! Yes, this is a challenge a number of players have mentioned. We will look into it to see how we can fix it for keyboard and mouse players and do our best!

Thank you for the support!

Hello all! I'm so sorry we missed this thread! We didn't see a notification pop up about this message (now I need to go through the board and see what else we missed!)

The idea to add more nylons & stockings is a great one! We have a new Mistress we're working on, Enforcer Furia, who has fishnet stockings under her boots, but I hadn't thought yet to create content specifically focused on stockings and nylons. I'll definitely add it to the list of future ideas!

Hello! We may not ever support e-stim, simply because of safety considerations. We don't want players putting themselves in risky situations if they don't know what they're doing. But, we do want to support 'shock' scenes by having haptics feedback in the controllers, sex toys that can respond to the 'shocks', and sound / light to simulate the experience.

I'm so glad it works for you now!

Yes, those are very good points! We haven't focused on keyboard and mouse improvements because we've been focused on new content, ,but I will add this to the list of things to improve!

Hello! If you simply adjust your height with 'shift' and 'space bar', the game will assume your hands are in the correct position!
Yes, you will find more complext movements later and the same concept applies to those, as well.