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Actually, there is a command for opening the journal itself. I'm not sure if you'll be able to select anything it it, but the command is:

/action open_journal
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Hmm... interesting idea, but those scene commands are run by the game's script based on the choices you make though taking actions or selections in the journal. 

I'll look into adding keyboard support while in VR mode for future versions of the game, though.

Wow, those are some amazing technical hurdles you vaulted over to get the game to run in VR! Unfortunately the VR mode requires tracked controllers, so pretty much an Oculus, Vive, or WindowsMR rig. To use the keyboard, you'll want to actually disconnect the VR stuff. When the game can't find a VR headset, it will fall back to traditional monitor mode with mouse/keyboard.

Definitely not ideal, but maybe better than nothing? Let us know what you think!

We will work on it! Thanks for the feedback

Henlo, do you have SteamVR installed? You might need to uninstall that to get mouse and keyboard controls to take over.

Huh. Definitely not as designed! I'll have a look! Thanks for letting us know. 

This is definitely on our log of things to improve!

Excellent detailed feedback, thank you. 

There's definitely more work to do on the keyboard and mouse side. Your details about the most frustrating bits helps a lot!

Good point about the heads being out-of-theme. I figured the floating text was too and I was looking for the most explicit way to reach people how to respond. Some player's don't speak or read English, so it helps them get through a bit. 

I'll see if I can come up with a demonstration that's less immersion-breaking. 😁

I also want to flag specific actions that aren't mouse and keyboard friendly, like poses, to just display buttons on the screen. 

Thanks again for giving it a try for us! It really helps. 

I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier! It sounds like maybe you don't have SteamVR installed? Try installing it and keeping this window open when you play the game.

I've also just updated the build, so please let me know if you have the same problem! If so, let me know what paltform you are playing on.

I just updated the build with explicit options in a Journal UI. Give it a tryand let me know if it helps you!

Okay, I've just updated the build with some changes that should let you pick options when you can't do them with a mouse and keyboard. There's now a journal you can open with the 'E' key. Try it out! Let me know if it works for you.

Hi! So sorry you are having trouble with the game. I've just updated it which might help.

Also, I think people are confused about it's requirements. It needs to have SteamVR to run. Do you have it installed? Make sure the SteamVR window looks something like this, then run the game:

Let me know if that works for you! Looks like a number of people are running into this problem. Sorry about that!

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Hmm. One thing that isn't obvious is that it requiest SteamVR to run. Do you have it installed? Make sure your SteamVR window looks like this, then run the game:

Let me know if that works for you!

Hi! Sorry I didn't see your post earlier.

One thing to note: The game requires SteamVR to run. Do you have it installed? Try opening up SteamVR first and make sure it shows this:

Let me know if that works for you!

Thank you for the feedback! The game definitely isn't set up for mouse/keyboard at this time, but I will look into supporting it sooner than later. When I do, I'll see about adding control customization as well!

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi rahulsharmav99!

Thank you so much for trying out the demo. Although it does support keyboard and mouse play, it's really meant to be played in VR, so there isn't really supposed to be much 'moving beyond the doors'. :D

After you select a gender, try pointing your hand at the door. It should show up with a glowing line that indicates you can go there. Then pull the trigger to 'teleport' through.

Great feedback that it's confusing, through. I'll be sure to put in an explicit icon that lets you know you can move there by pointing at it.

Even when you get past that, though, just know the game is still very VERY rough. (As mentioned in the game's description, these are very early test builds I'm putting up, but I wanted to get into the habit of posting stuff for patrons to experiment with.)

If you are interested in contributing, please join in on our discussion on Discord! We are also slowly getting the Patreon up and running, though that'll need:

All our various Deviant Tech links are here:

Thank you for trying it out! I apologize for the confusion. This build is currently in a pre-alpha state. I'm using it for preliminary tests such as subtitles and atmosphere. I'll be sure to make that more clear in-game going forward. 

It's great to know people are actually finding the game though! And please don't give up on me just yet. I'm working on getting a more playable prototype up and running as we speak, so stay tuned!

There are VR builds to download on the Poke Abby twitch page.

The version I've verified working is Windows x64 with the Oculus and Vive. You'll want to run SteamVR first.


We are working on an actual playable prototype now, in fact!

If you want to follow along, we post about it here:

And we chat about it here:

Oh yeah? Hit me up on Discord: DeviantDev#9936

Well if you have to ask, you must not be old enough. 😉

Actually it's just a systems prototype at the moment,  so you can't actually get past that until I finish up some more of the input systems. I appreciate you taking it out, though! Stay tuned!

Wow, thank you for trying it out! It's pre-alpha so I'm more exploring how to post builds and just getting some of the visuals working. 

The voice recognition was something I was trying out. I believe you would need to have Win10. 

I haven't gotten much interest in this project just yet, so in the meantime I've been working on adding VR support for oxopotion's Poke Abby game. I've posted a preview build on my Patreon and would LOVE to get your feedback. I promise it will work 1000% better!!!

No worries at all! Thanks for keeping me in mind. 

I DM'd you on Tumblr with a last-ditch persuasion attempt. Wanted to mention it here in case you don't get notifications there. 

Thanks for hearing me out!

Totally understandable.  Those VR kits are expensive little buggers.

I work in Unity designing/scripting VR video game UX as a day job and have both Oculus and Vive at home. Would you be interested in collaborating on an official VR version? I use the VRTK library which has a 'simulator' mode so you'd be able to try out the builds.

Maybe start with Flip Book since it has simpler interface/fewer options as an experiment?

I absolutely adore this. The art style. The sweet mannerisms and character. The little details and feedback. The playfulness. It's all absolutely delightful and sexy and brilliant.

Have you ever considered adapting it for VR? I think it would be fabulous.