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Can't install game on app and cannot launch game from site download

A topic by ftab created Feb 25, 2022 Views: 282 Replies: 4
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I recently bought the game and I can't seem to launch it. It cannot install from the app as it says that there is no Unity build available to install. Also the launcher from the downloads seems to launch Discord but also logs me out of Discord on all devices. 

One of the Devs have been hacked recently, So i wouldn't download anything until we get the green light from the Devs on Discord.

Damn, I hope things work out over there for them

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Hi, the build has been compromised by a series of hacks towards our developers. Please try to change your discord password and enable 2 Factor Authentication as well. Please avoid using the itch build in the meantime and deleting it from your computer would be a safe thing to do as we currently don't know the full extent of the hack.
We will try to give updates on the situation as best as we can on our socials.

EDIT : The main build, demo and therapeutic domming builds are all back online, other standalone builds should be back online in the near future.


We are so, so sorry to everyone who has been affected by the hack. We have control of all of our accounts back, but the hacker was prolific in trying to steal info and compromise other people, so we have discovered a few less obvious things he did that we are still fixing.

As Tee mentioned, the files for Itch's main game, the demo, and Therapeutic Domming are back online.