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Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots

A retro sci-fi comedy point and click adventure featuring the hapless Captain Disaster. · By CaptainD

Requests for the next Captain Disaster game

A topic by CaptainD created Mar 15, 2018 Views: 252 Replies: 4
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Captain Disaster in: The Trouble With Screeching Sapper Serpents is now in production.  If there is anything you would particularly like to see in the game - whether reference to a specific sci-fi show, a detail in the background graphics, or anything else you can think of - please post it here!  I can't make any promises (and obviously some requests will be easier to include than others), but I will look at everything and if we can, we will include it somewhere in the new game.

Neofeud bilboard ad or Blader inner style projected on the side of a skyscraper like the geisha. :)


I can definitely put Neufeud somewhere, the game will be set entirely in a *massive) rubbish dump though so think a Blade runner style projection onto a skyscraper might not be possible!!

I think I might try to find room for a robot called "Carbon Karl" too :-)

Hey :)

We have compiled a handy list of potential reference fodder of all things ChaosNova. Feel free to pick and choose (and discard) at will. Here: 


Alexis - , the first proper ship to be featured in the ChaosNova universe. It appeared in our early forum stories, and became an important part of the universe. Our valiant crew first discovered it on a scrapheap and rebuilt it to use on jobs and such. We’re still using a variation of Alexis in the more recent stories.

This story offers a glimpse of the “heroes” who fly Alexis.
Here is a quote where we used Alexis as our own in-universe reference/nod:

Solitaire - the humble bounty hunting ship that belongs to “Seeker” heroine Jewel Harper. Pretty insignificant on its own.

Vergea - vessel of an antagonist in “Seeker” (fancy rich douche bounty hunter who plays dirty). It is more turbo and fancy than Solitaire, equipped to facilitate a small posse when needed. (Btw, the fancy rich douche sports a patterned haircut-neck tattoo combo that can be made fun of.)

Tucker X / Tucker 9 - a very backwoods moon somewhere among the human-populated systems (there seems to be a lack of consensus where exactly is is located, or what it’s coalled, for that matter. Every space hobo and their dog have their own personal sotry of Tucker X these days!)

If you want to read more, check out these stories: “Picking up trash” (linked above), and Deja Vu, + Space Junk!

Trelasi Two - a homeworld featured in “Seeker”, lush and rich but not fully colonized because reasons. Features large crimson forest biomes and might actually harbour more people (especially in teh arctic regions) than we’re let on.

Lenis Syml - a side character in “seeker”, a sorry fellow with some aquaponics sill and a murky past. Under his care, the fish died. (for reference, check ch. 8 of “Seeker”)

Heron Patrol - a security/ bounty hunting / justice company featured in “Seeker”. They don’t exactl ooze competence: they lost control of a prison station that they manned with guards, and they keep watch on Trelasi Two - not exactly the busiest of bounty scenes.

Corona’s witnesses - a weirdo missionary cult organization thing (already a joke in-universe). Keen on spamming publick networks with hallelujah-messages. Might or might not have connection with the Corona cigar brand.

Arcade’s Disciples - an order of volunteer-but-well-hung medics that operate outside faction loyalties and powerlines. Set up shop in ports and bases all over human-populated space. They use latin medical terminology like circadiem, and stick to their own obscure code or law. The name is already a reference - in honour of Arcade Gannon of Fallout, New Vegas.

Luna and Rogue - a pair of characters featured in various ChaosNova stories, attatched by the proverbial hip.
David - Two of my favorites, featured in the first story I published (We now label it as ‘unedited’ since we’ve come a long way since then!) Luna and Rogue are a pair of exiled Reclaimers who have taken jobs as assassins. They’re semi-competent, but get ‘set-up’ early on in their career, leading to the events of Split Personality.

Here is th book link for the curious.


Yikes that's quite a list!!  I'll see what I can do... :-)