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Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese

1,200 levels and hundreds of hidden bonuses in Bouapha's greatest adventure! · By Hamumu


A topic by takuroya created Mar 15, 2018 Views: 429 Replies: 11
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hello guys, there is some anoyying problems i found.

1. game reset progress and everything once you save and exit  our profile you made. creates too many profiles which cause above to happen as well i think?

3. resolution is buggy etc.

ok my questions are, is anyone interested in doing update and fix things?.

is there going to be a way to fix resolution?.

post you questions and issues below.

oh btw i am zenron off discord and also i used to play growtopia and use the old hamumu site

hello? anyone?

please if you viewing this share so other people can see, and atleast respond if you have an acc, this game is unplayable

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I haven't played it long enough to see my progress being reset yet, but I did notice that there are multiple profiles with buggy names I did not create. This didn't happen with SWC version 7.7 or the 7.8 patch.

well it happened for me


Sorry I can't be of much help. I wish I knew a thing or two about programming. I know that this latest version of Supreme, 8.0, has always had some weird bugs that really need to be fixed. It was released in 2012. It's overdue for some bug fixes.

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1. You probably use a more recent version of Windows. You should reinstall the game but instead of using the default install path you should install the game to a folder on your desktop or inside your user folder. In fact because of how all the pre-Robot Wants It All Hamumu games work you should just make a folder on your desktop or inside your user folder to install Hamumu games to.

I did that

Did it work?

no it didn't, when I say I already tried that, it means it didn't work for mean after I tried it

Try following the instructions on the page at