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I'm not sure unfortunately. Try emailing Jamul about the problem. He had an easy solution for mine.

The default levels.dat file in the worlds folder that comes with the game when it's installed is outdated, and so is the one in the worlds zip that bunnybot5000 linked to here. I emailed Jamul about the bonus coin issue and he explained it to me with the latest levels.dat file attached, which I uploaded to mediafire and linked to here. If you want bonus coins to count for the shop after beating any of the approved community worlds in the zip that bunnybot5000 linked to, you need to replace the levels.dat file in C:\Program Files (x86)\LunaticSupreme\worlds with the one I linked to.

Be sure to replace the levels.dat file in the worlds folder with the latest version found here: Without it, bonus coins won't count after completing levels.

Sorry I can't be of much help. I wish I knew a thing or two about programming. I know that this latest version of Supreme, 8.0, has always had some weird bugs that really need to be fixed. It was released in 2012. It's overdue for some bug fixes.

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I haven't played it long enough to see my progress being reset yet, but I did notice that there are multiple profiles with buggy names I did not create. This didn't happen with SWC version 7.7 or the 7.8 patch.