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A bullet hell/hacking roguelike · By jere


A topic by rubybliels created Mar 15, 2018 Views: 257 Replies: 1
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On floor 1 I picked up all the points.

On floor 2 I picked up all the points.

On floor 3 I picked up all the points.

On floor 4 I didn't pick up any points, but I did learn that moving any part of your mech onto the elevator sends you to the next floor.

That left only floor 5. I methodically eliminated the enemies until no one was left. At this point I just needed to hack the two remaining score blocks and exit victorious. Easy, I had about 6 vital, plenty of buffer to retry the hacking until I succeeded. The first score block presented no problem, so I moved on to the final score block, worth 1 point. I started the hacking minigame. I had successfully hacked pretty much everything that could be hacked over the course of this game, failure was extremely unlikely. I got into the familiar hacking loop: Run the valid commands, free, then load. Run the commands, free, load. Only a couple rows left, the points would soon be mine. Right as I was entering the load command once again, out of the corner of my eye I noticed the timer counting down to 21 microseconds. Frantically, I tried to enter the exit command, but it was too late.

Intrusion detected.


Ha, hilarious! I actually had considered that scenario and maybe if I should add a buffer around load to prevent it. But naw, this kind of stuff is too good.

Sounds like the game is too easy. Any thoughts?