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Right click stuff to get descriptions and power level.

Keep an eye on your battery counter, if you run out you will start taking damage.

Your modules degrade as you go up levels, so you will have to get new modules to replace them.

You can never have more than 9 modules at a time, after that modules get replaced.

Which modules should you choose? What should you hack?

Certain initial conditions are harder than others, but I believe it is almost always winnable.

DEAD FACE community · Created a new topic YASD

On floor 1 I picked up all the points.

On floor 2 I picked up all the points.

On floor 3 I picked up all the points.

On floor 4 I didn't pick up any points, but I did learn that moving any part of your mech onto the elevator sends you to the next floor.

That left only floor 5. I methodically eliminated the enemies until no one was left. At this point I just needed to hack the two remaining score blocks and exit victorious. Easy, I had about 6 vital, plenty of buffer to retry the hacking until I succeeded. The first score block presented no problem, so I moved on to the final score block, worth 1 point. I started the hacking minigame. I had successfully hacked pretty much everything that could be hacked over the course of this game, failure was extremely unlikely. I got into the familiar hacking loop: Run the valid commands, free, then load. Run the commands, free, load. Only a couple rows left, the points would soon be mine. Right as I was entering the load command once again, out of the corner of my eye I noticed the timer counting down to 21 microseconds. Frantically, I tried to enter the exit command, but it was too late.

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