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Interface is empty

A topic by enevolep created 75 days ago Views: 217 Replies: 4
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I went to the app settings and I accidentally changed the language from English  to Spanish (I think). Next thing I know the whole thing is just empty. I still got the taskbar options but that doesn't seem to help. Reinstalling didn't help either and the antivirus is off. (The app worked just fine last week for context).


I am having the same problem, any luck with fixing it? Devs/Mods dont seem to really reply to anyones problems on here -_-

I was able to fix this! I had to delete AppData/Roaming/itch/ and reinstall.

Take in consideration that that will delete all your games that you got in the launcher 

That is A-O-K. I am on Mac so Ill have to do a bit of tweaking to find the area for the roaming appdata, but Mac is so terrible I cant download the games any other way, so thank you :P