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nevermind... I beleive they are doing something. I collected three in one game and got another one. Dont know if its cause I collected them or if its from something else.

Oi~ had a blast playing up to level 12. Ive been picking up these posters... magazines... vinyl sleeves? throughout and thought thats what unloccks the gallery, but to no avail :<

How do I unlock more? I have 7 slots remaining.

dont know if its just bad timing (on throwing the lust balls) but whenever the animal(?) goes into their position they are never touching the right spot. They are either air palming their breast or fingering their bellybutton instead of their vagina... the only time it is sometimes correct is when it is a cunnilingus scene. Futa never goes inside its always offset in the wrong way and I cant take pictures of futa, its like they dont physically exist, cant even focus on them.

Theres no sound in the download version for pc.

good... because honestly yea it sucks as is (i know this is an extremely early release you didnt even wanna send out). And you can clip behind the pizza place... er I mean strip joint and from there clip through walls and trees and... yea that was just bad in general XD love the actual game tho, its great.

I assume this is cause there is no actual scene implemented yet

When going clicking "after night" after completing night 2 you are greeted with a blank loading screen going brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

lmao, so I was looking for secrets and found out theres this alligator dude missing... theres also a sidewalk to go down, that leads you out of bounds XD love it mate,  hope you are still setting time aside for this game.

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oml XD well unfortunately it aint even opening the game for me so I cant be the judge of that.

NVM, just took 3 minutes to load X_X

On another note, my first attempt at the game was done in hard mode and I couldnt find the password. I have now gone back to it and still cant find it... so far hard is easier than normal mode besides the fact I cant find the password... any pointers? Please dont outright tell me

and cause of that i am in an endless loop (died? twice) cause when you need to get the statues and turn on the generator the two vagina crab things come and i get fucked by those two things, then their baby comes out of me and fucks me and once thats done the first one is re-agroed and comes in and repeats the entire thing.... this game needs a SHIT load of balancing to actually be fun

HOW DO I RESIT?!?!?!?!?!? It says hold spacebar but that does jack shit. So far it seems like you are supposed to get caught... 

the music sounds soooo good too... really wanna play

web version is just a black screen (button inputs work and sound plays) downloaded version graphics appear and sound does but when in the level you are only met with the first powerup note and nothing else... also no music

why is 2.8.1 hosted on a third party site and all the others arent... it is 10x easier to download itch games when they arent hosted on a third party site otherwise itch gives you shit for downloading

level up screen sometimes takes 10-30 seconds to load which is annoying. Other than that this game seems alright

no... butterfly is an extremely common word used in the phenomena of time travel where one action has a huge ass effect. Hence Jack was nicknamed butterfly cause we are an "anomaly" that caused a great calamity.

In short... yes, reading peoples minds can cause butterfly effects. So thats why this is called butterfly aswell.

I sort of didn't like how this VN had little to none...  actually yes. No options to change the outcomes of things. HOWEVER, the story is amazing and honestly if the "options" carry on like that, I wouldn't mind.

Spoilers btw luvs

My mind was completely mind fucked when Jack random ass got his memories back I feel like it could of been better carried out. But the plot twist with his daughter made it well worth it. I also feel like the ai most definitely has "loop memory." I still love her, shes just doing her duties. She aint the bad guy her master is.

I swear to god I wish I had some kind of otherworldly power to obliterate anyone who COMPARES a game to something else or another game... criticize a game on what it is, not what other things are. Oh that vn was longer? Who the fuck cares, this vn put out an amazing story in 2 chapters (epilogue and ch. 1) 

Alot of games on itch are getting the trojan flag (kinda funny cause adult games and condoms) this happens because Android and Xiaomi now flag ANYTHING that is download outside of the appstore.

Glad to see you are still working on the game and didn't just dump it after what happened earlier this year. Keep on keeping on and I cant wait to support you more later on when the game is fully released!

Download the app 

For some reason IOS downloads almost never work when downloaded from the website, but will work when downloaded from their app... only time it doesnt work is when the dev uses a third party app like mega (In which case you are sol cause those usually dont work either)

I played this game around August of 2021 and missed out on all of the seasonal events. Are those gone-zo and I am SOL or are there still ways to see those stories and its content.


as per usual... games that use mega to download dont work on mac :/

Does anyone know what lipstor changed their name to? I wanted to come back to friend them but that's impossible now since mofu "shadow-banned" them from all the comments and Lip changed their name :/

I come back to lip being a victim or criminal... the hell is going on XD I expected to see a statue of Lip, not decades worth of paragraphs on why you should hate em.

Well ofc, I am the one always having to respond to people. You never help out or anything >:(

Of course sarcasm, I love you lipstor. 

Alright! Thank you :>

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With the new addition of Rabbit Slippers you should make it so that if you wear the slippers using the "sprint button" will make you walk slow, because I mainly use the slippers for the bonus buff they give and sprinting during mushina 2.0 is sometimes deadly.

I hope the surgery goes fine and hope the bills aren't high. See you soon Lipstor.

On web page it says "In Heat" is available on Mac for steam, but on steam web page "In Heat" ISNT available, will it be playable on Mac when it releases or am I just out of luck ;~;

Ah yes, axe go pew pew, trees turn to butter.... Im jk, I know what you mean.

It is finally finished!! Congrats and thank you for making such an amazing (and lewd) game. I already have the game installed from when it was free but I will definitely support you on this game and your next up coming project. Don't let us down :>

SKUNK?! NEW STUFF, when did this happen? Im hopping on right now. Also sweet map Lip, very easy to read.

No, and Mofu doesn't intend on making one (he said this a while ago). It will be too much for him to handle as he's a lone developer and he would have to manage his game, get some GOOD mods for discord as well as run it. The community here is always available if you want to ask for help or anything though :P

._. dudes literally helped out about 112 people that have asked questions, you can be the one to kindly screw of mate :>

There is a penis statue at the start of the game, hit it a bunch and start the mass genocide (It spawns mushrooms)

you can get an "infinite" amount of healables to help you cheese bosses, and bosses giveplenty of time for you to heal. Dont forget about your dodge roll and your weapons special abilitys. Youll get the hang of this game in no time.

I have a question for the one and only "Lipstor", or Mofu if he is willing to bless me :P the new patch says "reduced damage of the poison pond" but when I played the game there was no poison pond, is that a typo or did I miss something? (Dont tell me where it is though)