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Dead Harem

A topic by Draakhex created 7 days ago Views: 20
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I have recently started my third project: Dead Harem.
It is a 2D Top-Down Role Playing Game being made in Unity3D.


The story revolves around Chrome, a young but promising wizard who one day finds a grimoire... Its contents change his life forever:
Most of it are about the art of Necromancy, ranging from basic spells to small lists of undead and their characteristics.
All beginner level stuff, as if someone had left it there on purpose for him and... That is exactly what happened.
At the end, he finds out that he is part of an infamous necromancer clan, a clan that is supposed to have been long gone, or so you read in your studies.

The more you read and study the grimoire, the more you fall in love with the art of Necromancy, fast-forward to three years later, you are now a full fledged Necromancer.

In those three years you have made up dreams and set up goals, and to realize them you have decided to become an adventurer, in hope to increase your knowledge about Necromancy even further and maybe find out more about your clan, of which you are the sole survivor (or so you think).

Update (13th March 2018)

Most of the stuff I have done are core and basic features like a movement system and basic interaction with objects, since I have just started.
However, among those I have made stuff which is worth showing off (at least I think so!):

Doors (Area masking):

Doors serve as a way to "Mask" the area they lead to.

Similar to the Fog of War which will be used when an area does not offer optimal lighting conditions (unless you find a way to see in the dark, you ARE a wizard, after all...), doors will completely mask an area UNTIL you open them.
In dangerous places such as dungeons, you will never know if you will find a treasure, an exit or a group of hungry monsters ready to assault you.

Battle system (Work in Progress)
The battle system is still pretty raw... No animations, sounds and not even all the planned features, it has just enough to get from beginning to ending, either in victory or death.

The battles will be pretty strategic, similar to what you would find in Fire Emblem or Dungeon&Dragons, you (and your enemies) roll the initiative to be placed in the turn order and then proceed to move:

There are currently only two types of movement: Free movement and Normal movement.

The normal movement shown above will let you walk at your normal speed but if you attempt to do that while near an enemy, they will try to attack you.
The free movement, in the other hand, will only let you move by a step but enemies will not get the chance to attack you, even if they are close.

In future there will be more types of movement, such as running, flying or fleeing (enemies can do the latter one already, rats rarely fight after all).

Once you have done your movement, you will be able to attack in various ways (No spells yet!):

You can even use the bolts as improvised weapons to stab or slash enemies as if you were wearing a real dagger, with some disadvantages of course, since bolts were not made to be daggers after all.

Each enemy will have their own "Controller", so rats will behave differently in a fight compared to a bandit, for instance.
Rats tend to always flee when possible, unless they are really hungry, enough to gamble their own life for a meal.

Those rats really ate me up during this fight though...

In future, as more features will be added, rats will also charge and try to flank with the aid of allied enemies.

That is all for today's update!
Thanks for reading so far, let me hear your opinions or even suggestions regarding what you have seen so far.

You can also follow this (and other projects of mine) in my Official website.