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My game Space Judge is out!

A topic by Vadim Ivshin created Mar 11, 2018 Views: 185 Replies: 4
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Yas, my game is finally done! Check it out: It took me about a week (yes, I started before the jam was started).



I have a suggestion.  For now,  on evidence screen,  you have two variants:  "yes" and "no".  I think better to add "unknown".  Let all suspects start with "unknown",  and the "x" mark should mean "obviously not",  for cases  like when suspect is allergic to chitin and there are traces of chitin on victim. 


Hey, DireBoarGames, thanks for suggestion. Actually I thought about it, and if users (you, at least) need this feature, I'll implement it later. And again, thanks for useful feedback.




  • On Hypernet window, maybe remove the left or right arrow if we are at the first or end of the list? Or maybe make it a loop?
  • Also maybe polish the game more. Because when I got it right for the first time, it didn't feel any feedback (I mean, it's not satisfying enough?). It could only be just me, dunno. :3

- Yeah, you are totally right about Hypernet, I'll implement it soon.

- Do you mean that I need to add some VFX/cutscenes etc? Well, the way I look at it, it's player's duty to investigate the case, so nobody waits flowers and pat on the back. Also, main character do this job to  to avoid a criminal prosecution. That's why I don' want to praise them, dry bureaucratic "Good job" is enough.