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"There was a problem loading your project"

A topic by Daraluen created Mar 11, 2018 Views: 382 Replies: 6
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Hello everybody, i did a game with construct2, then i exported the game in HTLM5 compressed upload.

And when i try to start the game i see a message : 

There was a problem loading your project:

Archive contains filename with non UTF-8 Encoded characters

Pls what is it?


I've never used Construct2, but the error message sounds clear enough to me. Can you paste a list of the file names in your project?

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Thx for the reply here is the files: (ps: sorry if my english is bad)


Just write in French if it's easier for you. What about in the images/ and media/ directories?

VLC media fire on media, .PNG on images, do you speak french?


Well, I understand French, speaking is more difficult. Point is, one of your image and/or sound files probably has an accented letter in its name, and Windows probably still doesn't use Unicode by default in 2018. Remove any accents from file names, and try again.


Thx you so much, it was an accented letter -___- lol!