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Game Loads as black screen!

A topic by discocar created Mar 11, 2018 Views: 365 Replies: 8
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Hey so I uploaded my game and it doesn't load. It says the file is forbidden or blocked. I have a custom index file uploaded with the game, how do I stop it from blocking my file? Thanks!



I recommend opening the browser console to see what errors are reported. It should tell you what's going on. If there isn't an error, then it's likely there's something in your game's code that is blocking the game from running.

Hey it is an error but I am not sure why it is an error. it says forbidden

What i THINK i can tell is going on:

You have avast antivirus or something blocking it

you have redownloaded it after your software thought it was a virus

This prompted you with an error on the file explorer or on google chrome downloading, if on google, right click the link you want to download for your app and click save link as. 

If you have a windows, it gives you a choice between discard and keep, press keep. It's not a virus. I'm 10 years old I don't know how to do that stuff.

On mac,  search on the internet Download files from unidentified developers because mac thinks almost every file that isn't from the app store or a pro developer contains viruses

On Linux, it should be fine


I knew that mac does that, it's because they don't want a single mac to get a virus.

That is why it is hard to make files actually run on a mac when you can make them very easily. 

The best thing I would recommend would be to uninstall your current antivirus and get avast.

Okay I am confused, it thinks its a virus so is blocking i in the browser. does it work for you guys when you load it up??

no it doesnt

You have to change a setting that doesn't let  unknown games from unknown developers run

Here's for macOs: