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[LFS] [Non-paid] [Profit Sharing] Recruiting for a development team for creating game.

A topic by animeoranything created Mar 09, 2018 Views: 251 Replies: 3
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Introduction to myself 

Hello to the developers. It was a long wish to create a game but coding and 3d modelling really kept me silent for a long time. Until now that I thought to actually fill the gaps. I myself don't work and is a student so the title stands non paid but as said what ever we will earn will be divided. If we give it some time and keep up the work we can go to a great position step by step. Believe me. What am I doing in the projects? Well I will be doing the whole story of the game, how tge levels or scene need to be set up,  how the player have to play the part and puzzles. 

Now About The Game

So, I think it would be great to start from small projects and then step into something big. So, I am looking forward to create a 2.5d or 2d game which will be a adventure / emotional and puzzles type game. I found a programmer and animator. Looking for a 3d and 2d artist, a programmer, sound artist and animator. 4-5 people. No need of any portfolio or anything just need to be really good in those fields especially the artist because the character design and environment design is really a first choice. 

I’m interested in working with you. I think starting small and growing is the only way to succeed. I have experience in GameMaker and using Inkscape and Graphicsgale. I enjoy working on the artwork side of things but can also program if needed. 

Thanks for posting and I highly appreciate your response. For further talk it will be better if you talk with me on facebook or discord here are the links:My discord profile @Animefam#2207 and Facebook profile link

I'm a Python programmer and I'd like to help