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Rebirth, a very first game jam !

A topic by Padawan created Mar 07, 2018 Views: 145 Replies: 3
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Hey guys ! 

(Please forgive my english)

I hope that we can talk about games made for game jams in this forum. Anyway, I'm new to programing and I've been following an online course for the past two month where I've learned everything I know about programing and game developement. So here is the very first "game" I made for a game jam. It's named Rebirth and it's a sidescroller shmup with a power up system based on the gradius/parodius series from Konami. I'm aware that it's a very little project, but the course I'm following encourage us to promote our game to get more attention, so I'm posting it here so you can try it, and maybe rate it if you ever liked it :)

It's written in Lua, using Löve2D. Everything is written by me appart from a couple of math functions I've found on the Löve2D wiki. Also, art and audio are home made.

The game page is in french, but the only thing that you need to know is there:

- Built for windows only but source code is available.

- while on the main menu, switch your keyboard mode with TAB (zqsd to wasd)
- move with wasd and fire shots with right arrow key (like in Binding of Isaac)
- activate your power up with space bar
- killing greys wave gets you a +1 to score multiplier
- killing reds wave drops one power up (sometime two)
- there's a boss at the end of the game (the mob you can see on the gif)
- other stuffs that will make sense on their own

The game page:

Cheers !

looks good for a first game

Hey Luiz, thanks for your comment !

no problem :P