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Better support for PDF games

A topic by Kit created Mar 05, 2018 Views: 147 Replies: 2
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There's an increasing community of folks here on Itch making and sharing tabletop games distributed as PDFs. In some cases, a game may consist of a few different PDFs (like, a rules document and a print-and-play set of cards, for instance). Right now, if you go to download the game in the Itch app, it will only let you choose one PDF to download ("install"). Is there a way we could get PDF bundles to "install"?


When you say "PDF bundles" are you talking about how there are multiple individual PDF files, or a ZIP file containing PDFs?

In the cases I'm looking at, there are, say, three distinct PDFs for a game. I'd like to have a ZIP containing them (or something like that), so that I can click "install" in the app and get all the PDFs, instead of only being able to choose one, and to get another one having to uninstall (read: delete?) the first PDF.