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Terror At Tightwillow Pond - A 5e encounter for 6th level heroes

A topic by Loot The Room created Mar 04, 2018 Views: 104
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Loot The Room presents

Terror At Tightwillow Pond

“Tightwillow’s always been dodgy. The spicers and tar-eaters moved in there years ago, camped up on the island burning tar and doing gods know what. Nobody with half a brain goes there any more.

“It’s changing, though. Every day it gets worse, and even the spicers are avoiding it. They say there’s something evil on the shores of the pond, something twisted and vindictive that hunts in that little scrap of wasteland. Sounds like the ravings of people too stoned to know what day it is to me, but I still say you’d do well to stay away from that shithole.”

Terror At Tightwillow Pond is a single 5th Edition compatible encounter for 6th-level characters, set in a small public park in the middle of a bustling city. It is designed to be used with the free supplement Cities: Shadepoint but can easily be dropped into your preferred setting of choice.

Inside this download you will find:

  • An 11 page PDF designed for home printing.
  • A 6 page PDF designed for screen viewing.
  • PNG versions of the map with and without labels.
  • A PDF version of the map with a 1 inch grid, designed for printing.
  • Stats for the mandragorgon, a new CR 6 monster.
  • Two new magic items.

Get it now for $1!